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Stop the introduction of Household and Water Taxes

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To: Enda Kenny

We won't pay your household and water taxes!

Despite their pre-election promises Fine Gael and the Labour Party are now implementing the same anti-social policies as Fianna Fáil and the Green Party before them.

And like their predecessors they obediently follow each and every dictate of the IMF/EU/ECB troika, sacrificing the rights of the majority to protect the interests of the minority. Our hospitals must close so that their banks might stay open!

In January 2012 the government intend to introduce a regressive household tax which will be rapidly followed by domestic water taxes.

Millions of families will face annual bills of hundreds of euros which they can ill-afford to pay. And all to fund the bailout of the private banking sector.

Unlike many other 'austerity' measures there is a very simple and very effective way to fight back against the household and water taxes. You just don't pay them!

We the undersigned commit ourselves to the campaign of non-payment of the unjust household and water taxes. We can't pay and we won't pay!


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