Stop the destruction of the environment

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There is so much evidence that climate change is real and we can now see it. Scientists are telling us that we have 12 years left to change. Environmental leaders are crying out for you to act. Are we listening? Are we doing enough now?

It is not enough for us to act individually we need our Government to act. We need them to play their part to the full. Go beyond what is expected, exceed the targets. Put the planet as their number one priority. Before it is too late. 

Helping our planet is not a nice thing to do, it is the single most important thing any of us will do in this lifetime. We all need nature, everything our planet provides for the people of the world.

Irish children, whose future you are entrusted with, need you to do a better job. 

We are losing so much of nature that we depend on to live. Our bees are in danger and so are other insects, our seas are polluted, and our fish are both dying and eating the plastic that has been dumped. What will that do to the children of the future?

There has been enough thinking and talking, now it is time for massive action for our planet. We need you to do everything, implement all the plans needed to help this planet, not just one or two. 

It’s not too late to save our world but we must act now, so we can give our children a future of fresh clean air to breathe and to enjoy the sunshine, rain and snow. The things that you today take for granted may not be there for the future of our children if we don’t act now, imagine that.

Please we implore the Irish Government, we need you to do a better job to look after our environment, to plant more broad leaf trees here in Ireland, to make sure our rivers stop being polluted and to find a way to clean our air to help the earth heal.

We need you to play your part now.