Repeal Fluoridation Act

Repeal Fluoridation Act

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Alistair Smith started this petition to Irish Government

The poisoning of the Irish people with artificial fluoride must cease.

Hydrofluorisilicic acid (HFSA) is left over waste and has no place in public drinking water.

Peer reviewed research has proven its toxicity, but still the Irish government continues to poison the water.

1997 Non Fatal Offences Against The Person Act makes it a criminal offence.

12.—(1) A person shall be guilty of an offence if, knowing that the other does not consent to what is being done, he or she intentionally or recklessly administers to or causes to be taken by another a substance which he or she knows to be capable of interfering substantially with the other's bodily functions."

The Irish government has been warned and provided peer reviewed evidences of how fluoride interferes substantially with numerous bodily functions and many of us have written our removal of consent to being mass medicated. So, they are knowingly poisoning the Irish people.

Fluoride is especially toxic to the developing foetus, a proven neurotoxin it goes straight to that tiny brain inside the carrying mother. The brain is developed after just 4 weeks of pregnancy and is poisoned throughout pregnancy here in Ireland.
In 2004 the Irish government did a blinkered study as to the safety of artificial water fluoridation, they neglected to research the safety for 1. Babies in utero and 2. Bottle fed babies, infants did not feature in any of the research.

I will now quote from an email I received in response to my concerns about bottle fed babies (83% of all babies are bottle fed after 6 months and 17% never get breast fed at all). The quote is from Dr Marie Sutton who headed the Experts on Fluoride research in 2004.

"Dear Mr Smith

My name is Marie Sutton. I work with the Health Research Board and I am one of the authors who participated in producing the evidence review on ‘Health Effects of Water Fluoridation’.

Thank you for your email (sent 28th September) with your enquiry regarding hydrofluorisilicic acid and its safety when it is added to water for the purpose of community water fluoridation especially in relation to babies who are bottle fed.
This topic was not covered in our review as it was outside the remit of the question posed by the Department of Health who requested the review."

Dr Marie Sutton
Medical Research Officer
Evidence Centre
Health Research Board
An Bord Taighde Sláinte
Grattan House
67-72 Lower Mount St
Dublin 2"

Email received 10/10/2015

Fluoride has been proven to be neurotoxic after peer reviewed studies "performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies to investigate the effects of increased fluoride exposure and delayed neurobehavioral development."
( 01/06/2019).

Not only is fluoride neurotoxic it is an enzymatic toxin that inhibits thyroid function by reducing iodine uptake, this causes multiple disorders and also birth defects and could lead to cancer. The mechanisms that cause this are explained here "Fluoride Exposure Induces Inhibition of Sodium/Iodide Symporter (NIS) Contributing to Impaired Iodine Absorption and Iodine Deficiency: Molecular Mechanisms of Inhibition and Implications for Public" this peer reviewed research published in 2019 (

There is further peer reviewed research to come which will prove how fluoride inhibits Vitamin D, this also causes multiple disorders (cancer included) and is detrimental to the human immune system.

We have evidence of negligence already as neglect to study the safety of HFSA for bottle fed babies affects 40,000+ babies each year, this is after they have been poisoned in the womb for 9 months receiving adult doses of HFSA in utero.

The Irish Government is also ignoring our bodily integrity, it may not be explicitly mentioned in the Irish constitution, but it most certainly is included in the EU Charter of Human Rights. You can see more here... This makes a case possible in the EU Human Rights Court!

We the undersigned may use this petition in a court of law as further evidence of our removal of consent to this poison being administered upon us.

The 1964 Fluoridation Act should be repealed immediately.

100 people are getting cancer each day, we should be trying to lower that number, not keep it steady or even increasing it.

Year after year more research is coming showing how fluoride is poisonous.
Irish water has naturally low fluoride content, HFSA is added to it since 1964 for our dental benefit, back then there wasn't the same level of dental hygiene and education as we have now.

Artificial water fluoridation is a backward and defunct dental practice as you are essentially drinking your mouthwash into your body to help your teeth, have you read the back of your fluoride mouthwash and or toothpaste? It says "Do not swallow".

Our government is insisting we swallow and it is illegal and immoral, it contravenes human rights legislation and also Nuremberg conventions and Irish and International Law.

Do we really trust a government that has been proven liars time and again, time and again, do we trust them that this toxin not permitted in 98% of EU, that it is safe? When peer reviewed research is indicating to the contrary?

Birth defects, cancer, hypothyroidism, diabetes, obesity, Autism, epilepsy, depression the list goes on and on of the conditions this poison can induce.

It is especially toxic to coming generations in mothers' wombs right now as you read.


I will deliver this petition weekly, monthly and quarterly so as the government will be up to date with those that have used this petition as a means of removing consent.

Those that have their consent removed are ready for court actions against the Irish Government and cannot be forced to pay for toxic water polluted with HFSA!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!