3 March 2022
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Irish medical students in Ukraine 03/03/2022                                                               

We are a group of Irish students studying medicine in Ukraine. We have been severely impacted by the war and the sudden invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Many of us were instructed by the Irish embassy to leave Ukraine some weeks ago. Some were able to get out at that time, while others were not and remained in-situ as the invasion intensified. Many Irish medical students were forced to walk huge distances to seek refuge on the borders of neighbouring countries, and those of us now at home face a very uncertain future. 

Some of us are already halfway through our medical degrees, with pending state medical board examinations and clinical placements in Ukraine. Therefore, we kindly request assistance as a matter of  urgency to ensure a safe continuation of our studies, away from what is a volatile and dangerous warzone. 

The following are some key points for discussion and consideration:

1- The possibility of assistance to transfer home to Irish medical schools.

2- Facilitation of clinical rotations in public and private hospitals in Ireland, for students due to enter senior clinical years. 

3- Allocation of a financial aid package to subsidise medical student transfers and tuition fees for continuation of study in other EU/non-EU jurisdictions.

Trinity College have stated they are: 

“a University of Sanctuary and an active member of the Scholars at Risk network.” and that they are “exploring ways of providing further practical assistance”, for students from both Ukraine and Russia. Does this practical assistance extend to their own citizens studying in Ukraine? 

Minister Simon Coveney has pledged “€10m in humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian military.”

Has there been any discussion regarding practical or financial support for Irish students, whom the government are aware are fleeing Ukraine, to ensure safe continuation of their studies? 

We are not looking for a handout, we are simply looking for a hand up so that we may fulfil our dream of becoming qualified doctors and help tackle the shortage of medical staff at home. In return we would be willing to pledge several years of service to the HSE, eliminating what we ourselves recognise as ongoing “brain drain” where training of doctors is concerned.  

It would be very much appreciated if we could arrange a phone call or an appointment to discuss the key points cited, or to identify alternative possibilities for Irish students studying in Ukraine. 

We sincerely hope you take our situation into full consideration and support us at this critical time. We await your response. 

Kind Regards,

Irish Medical Students.                                                                     

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Signatures: 616Next Goal: 1,000
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