HSE refusal to fund life prolonging drug......help us make this right

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                    Our friend, neighbour and father of two Paschal was given a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer two years ago, has been devastated by the Government's position to refuse to fund a proven drug which would increase both his life expectancy and his quality of life. Recently he was made aware that no budgetary provision was made for ‘so called’ new drugs in 2020.

Paschal Murphy (56) who never smoked in his life, is currently funding the drug Osimertinib from his savings and with the help of his family. The monthly cost is  €5,270. He says that it is getting increasingly difficult to pay for the drug and he is concerned for patients who wouldn't be able to fund it at all.

“I just really want to be able to spend a while longer with my family. Without this treatment the cancer is likely to spread to my brain and/or spine and elsewhere, within the next few months."

We feel that everyone is entitled to support when dealing with cancer and that the HSE is failing Paschal, his family and other patients and their families .

Please support our petition to highlight what is clearly wrong to representatives in the Government and HSE. Paschal is one of many patients in dire need of this medication.