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Please pros. & incarc. Child Mol/Rapist/Murderer-abused me in every way-? months to 15 yrs

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Hi all, please help me get this Paedophile turned Child Abuser (my Siblings - all except the youngest and I) / Molester (my Aunt; Ms. Evelyn Gamble and I) / Attempted Child Murderer (me - on at least 2 seperate occasions) / Rapist (my Mother; Mrs. Catherine (Kate) Brady (Gamble)); Mr. Phelim Anthony Brady off the streets once and for all - protect all innocence from him, especially little girls and women, particularly little girls, before he does it again, that's if he has not done it again already - you'll understand why I say the last comment when you read my story and see how he was unable to control / stop himself from molesting / sexually abusing me throughout the time that he was in my life from the second he got a chance until I spoke out against him - please repeatedly share my story and dont just stand up for me but also protect all little girls between the ages of 3 and 16 years old from this 'monster' - please please help me get Justice and Compensation from the State / System who failed me time and time again throughout my life up until this present day due to being forced not to do their jobs properly by Mr Brady and his ex-I.R.A. comrades (some of whom had infiltrated An Garda Siochana) as well as being forced by T.D.s within Sinn Fein (especially), Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael in a massive attempted cover-up.

Plus before you read the following horror story, please be pre-warned that it contains graphic descriptions of horrendous physical and sexual child abuse to a little girl between the ages of 3 (1982) and 15 (1994) years old plus please also note: 'that in regards to the abuse that I sustained between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, I only recalled a small amount in 2007 and majority throughout 2015 and loads more this year up until this present day (29/08/2016):

The monster on the far right, a.k.a. ex. I.R. A. Member; Mr. Phelim Brady is the sick twisted two-faced Jekyll and Hyde Child Molester, who not long after my Mother; Mrs.Catherine (Kate) Brady (Gamble) was forced to leave her childhood sweetheart when she was only 15 years old (mid 1978), came into my Mother's life while she was carrying me and took advantage of her situation and weak state of mind mentally / emotionally and began a relationship with her.

I was born on the 24th of November 1978 suffering with a severe case of Yellow Jaundice and later, a very high belirunin level - I was in such a bad state, that Doctors gave me no chance of surviving - I was baptised and confirmed - but thankfully as a result of the fabulous dedication / work etc of the Specialists / Doctors / Nurses etc (all who cared for me then), I beat all of the odds and survived - 'a miracle baby'.

From mid 1978 to 1985 (while I resided in my Grandparent's home in Brockas, Creeslough, Co. Donegal), Mr. Brady regularly travelled from his home in Ballintra, Co. Donegal to my Grandparents' home, where he mentally and emotionally abused me from while he also physically abused me either with an open hand or a tree branch (some witnessed by family members) as well as molested me with his fingers while also verbally intimidating me in his car away from my Grandparents' home, out of sight of family members from the age of 3 years old (1982)

When my Mother was 20 / 21 years old and I was 4 years old (1985), she married 'him' and then we moved into caravan on the grounds of his family home (approx 40 km away from her family home), where his Parents wanted nothing to do with my Mother and I (nor were we welcome in his family home etc) due to the fact: 'that I was not 'his' biological child', which in turn made my Mother feel even more alone and not long after moving into caravan, the child molester / rapist began abusing my Mother and I physically / sexually (first no. of times of him vaginally / anally molesting me were with objects (pencils, syringes of various sizes, small mineral bottles etc) plus his fingers first and then he moved on to also molesting me with the head of large bottles followed by his penis and these assaults were carried out unbeknownst to my Mother (not in her presence).

When I was 4 years old, I was admitted into Letterkenny General Hospital, Co. Donegal on numerous occasions with severe to profound bruising and damage to my lower limbs and upper limbs and bleeding from my vagina due to Mr. Brady vaginally molesting and raping me - I underwent numerous tests, treatments and operations as well as psychological help and being spoken to and questioned by a Socal Worker and members of An Garda Siochana over and over again in a beautiful soft gentle caring manner - slowly but surely working with my Mother and I in order to help us overcome what we had suffered and to build up the strength to stand up and speak out against Mr. Brady in regards to all we had suffered at the hands of him - a large portion of which they were already aware of but wanted to hear it from the pair of us (was not a necessity as the evidence spoke for itself as well including how Mum and I were around Mr Brady) because of who / what Mr. Phelim Anthony Brady was (I.R.A.. member) as well as his connections with T.D.s etc within Sinn fein (especially) and T.D.s within Fine Fael and Fine Gael not only back then but also up until this present day (even being an ex-I.R.A. member).

Plus when he first began abusing my Mother and I (unbeknownst to her), she repeatedly went to her Mother informing her of what she was sustaining and the odd slap that Mr. Brady had inflicted across my face with an open hand that she had witnessed and begging her to allow us (my Mother and I) on numerous occassions and then (her, I + 1 sibling-newborn and while carrying other) on other occassions to reside again with her (my Mother's Mother) but instead of being a caring Mother, she got angry at my Mother for having the audacity to ask and in turn, she treated my Mother like she was in the wrong and slapped her across her face and forced her to keep her mouth shut on every occassion with threats - 'that if she spoke out and spoiled their family name etc, that she, me and siblings would never be welcome in the family (Grandparents') home again' and being a terrified, severely abused / traumatised 21 / 22 yr old mother with 2 children and 1 on the way, the thought of being a single Mother with nowhere to reside - well i'll leave that up to to to u to imagine but please take into account when u do, that this was in 1983 / 1984, when there was very little if any support etc for battered wifes / single Mothers etc.

Sadly, not only did Mr. Brady mentally, emotionally and physically abuse me but he also repeatedly forced me to drink alcohol and molested / raped me between the ages of 3 and 10 years old and who also repeatedly broke / fractured my body up into tiny pieces while he repeatedly raped me between the ages of 4 and 6 years old (causing me to suffer with Soft Tissue Damage and loads of structural damage), causing me to suffer with memory loss / concentration problems plus Panic and Anxiety attacks then between the ages of 6 and 7 years old (in 446 Drumrooske Estate), Mr. Brady, on top of repeatedly forcing me to drink alcohol, punched me so severely / repeatedly into my head on numerous occasions, that I ended up suffering with superficial damage to my Frontal and Temple Lobes and my Cerebbulum Cortex in that order of severity (damage) as well as a severe case of Epilepsy when I was 7 years old - I was rushed to Crumlin Hospital in Dublin, where I was an in-patient for months - underwent numerous tests, treatments and operations etc over and over again (incluuding to my brain (most important) and then further operations / treatments to my Spinal Column / Cord on top of the ones I had already underwent in Letterkenny General Hospital, Co. Donegal - result of the beating etc that I had sustained when I was 6 years old) - it became my 2nd home quite literally for a period of time. Epilepsy (since I was 7 years old - Epilepsy etc, while also causing me to block everything out in order to protect myself mentally and emotionally etc due to the extreme amount of trauma and pressure etc inflicted on me / it at such a young / vulnerable time in my life - thankfully though, during that time period, I was hospitalised on numerous occasions and had my stomach pumped etc as well as was attended by a Child Councillor and a Child Psychologist and a Speech Therapist on top of regularly attending all three either seperately or / and two of them together throughout said period of time, which helped me alot mentally and emotionally to where all three helped me recover to the degree that I stopped having panic and anxiety attacks completely - I owe them alot - thank you so much for all you did for me - I will never forget you.

* The first time that my Mother became aware of that cold hearted 'monster' sexually abusing / raping me was when he first callously / coldly fractured / broke my limbs / joints (arms, hips, knees, crus section of both legs, both of my ankles and feet) during rape and I was hospitalised (on numerous occassions) with severe / profound bruising around joints / limbs in shape of large handprint) and by that stage, both my Mother and I were so far gone mentally / emotionally and traumatised, even Nurses / Doctors, Social Workers and Gardai noticed - on at least 8 seperate occasions, he was arrested, taken away in handcuffs and questioned while a Social Worker spoke with my Mum and I and attempted to question us (on the 2nd and 3rd occasion, a female member of An Garda Siochana stayed behind with Social Worker) - on the first two occasions, they had very little success (we both too scared and traumatised to speak out) but on 3rd occasion, the Social Worker brought a doll with her, gave it to me and after a short while, I physically re-played oñe of the times that the 'sick twisted monster' molested me with his fingers' and when qustioned by the Social Worker as to who had done it, i replied: 'Daddy, Daddy playing with me...' (Mr. Phelim Brady Senior) - sadly though, on each occasion, he was released and allowed to continue residing in the same caravan as us - the family was monitored on one occasion but sadly, he was never arrested and incarcerated so he continued manipulating and abusing my Mother and I in every way and because he got away with it all so far when it came to the Law etc, it was the final nail in the coffin for my Mother as they say.

Plus, during one of the eight occasions that I can recall the Gardai and a female Social Worker arriving in the hospital and arresting and taking Mr. Brady away in handcuufs followed by questioning my Mother and I (between the ages of 4 and 9 years old) - I can also recall Mr. Brady prior to his arrest walking towards me and bending in to hug me but instead of hugging him, I begin kicking out at him and waving my arms out and about as a defense mechanism, while also screaming / shouting at him: 'get away from me, get away from me, get away from me..., leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone... '. Some of Mr. Brady's Siblings witnessed my Mother with a black eye / bruised face on a no. of occassions and were aware of my fractured / broken limbs but lies were told by Mr. Brady (sometimes, backed up by my Mother out of fear) as well as by other family members as to how I sustained them etc, while most family members told each-other the truth unbeknownst to me from the age of 10 onwards as I was incapable of recalling what happened nor could I see the damage to my body or anything else connected to same. I also suffered regularly with panic and anxiety attacks in school (in Ballintra and in Creeslough, Co. Donegal as well as in Donegal Town) plus while I was an in-patient and out-patient in numerous Hospitals but especially Letterkenny General Hospital, Co. Donegal.

When I was 6 years old, we moved into a council house; 446 Drumrooske Estate, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal, where this sick and twisted 'monster' continued to mentally, emtionally, physically and sexually abuse my Mother and I in one shape, form or another, while I also on numerous occasions attended a child Councillor and a child Psychologist / Psychiatrist between the ages of 6 and 10 years old -
* Mr. Brady repeatedly molested me with pencils, syringes, his fingers etc as well as raped me both vaginally and anally both on our own in either his or my bedroom or down in the living-room (at night-time, while others were asleep upstairs and music was playing in background) or he would rape my Mother first on their bed while I was lying on the bed also naked and then he would go and molest / rape me and if my Mother attempted to stop him, he would beat her severely or rape her again even worse than before and then force her to leave the bedroom with my younger sibling, who had been asleep in cot beside bed but had been awakened by the noise caused by him abusing us and my Mother and I crying etc, after which, he would then molest / rape me vaginally / anally.
* When I was 6 years old, this Child Abuser and Molestor; Mr. Brady brought me into the bathroom, locked the door, ran a bath, got undresssed, strippped me naked, lifted me into bath, got into bath himself and after lying down and forcing me to lye down between his legs, he molested me with his fingers - my Mother downstairs with my younger Sister; Amanda, who was only a baby at that time. (this occurred on numerous occasions sadly).

* When I was 6 years old, he also nearly choked me to death - while I was innocently playing with my toys on the floor of his and my Mother's bedroom, he swifly and aggresively ran up the stairs into the bedroom behind me and very quickly grabbed me from behind by my neck, swiftly lifted me up into the air and continuously shook me while he quickly tightened his grip around my neck more and more and just before I lost conciousness, I could feel / hear bones cracking in my neck and then he dropped me to the floor, where I went in and out of conciousness - he quite literally nearly choked me to death when I was 6 years old causing damage to my neck,throat and voicebox and if it was not for my Mother's quick thinking at the time, I would have died - she was downstairs at the time of the incident with my younger Sibling (s) and had rushed upstairs after she had heard the massive thud on the floor and after Mr. Brady had ran downstairs and rushed out of the house in panic and very quickly she ran next door and telephoned 999 and got an Ambulance, which rushed my Mother, Mr. Brady (who had returned home by the time it had arrived) and I to the Donegal Town General Hospital, where I underwent numerous tests, operations and treatments and then I was flown to Letterkenny General Hopital, where I underwent further operations and advanced operations and treatments plus once again put on a ventilator etc.

When I was 6 and 7 years old, Mr. Brady, on top of repeatedly forcing me to drink alcohol, punched me so severely / repeatedly into my head on numerous occasions, that I ended up suffering with superfiscial damage to my Frontal and Temple Lobes and my Cerebbulum Cortex in that order of severity (damage) as well as a severe case of Epilepsy when I was 7 years old - I was rushed to Crumlin Hospital in Dublin, where I was an in-patient for months - underwent numerous tests, treatments and operations etc over and over again (incluuding to my brain (most important) and then further operations / treatments to my Spinal Column / Cord on top of the ones I had already underwent in Letterkenny General Hospital, Co. Donegal - result of the beating etc that I had sustained when I was 6 years old) - it quite literally became my second home for a period of time.

* He also repeatedly / profoundly punched me into my back on 5 seperate occasions (6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old) (causing severè / profound soft tissue damage to most of my back, damaged vertebrae and discs, pinched nerves in all 3 sections of spinal cord, especially in the thoracic region followed by the lumbar, a profound damaged sciatic nerve and damaged coccyx and in turn, Spondylosis of the Spine, followed by further damage in all 3 sections of the Spinal Column and Cord)-
Beatings sustained at the ages of 6 (soft tissue damage and damage to vertabrae / discs in my neck and upper thoracic region) and 10 years old (soft tissue damage and damage to vertabra / discs in in thoracic and lumbar region, black eye and build-up of fluid on both of my lungs - I was literally dying) resulted in me being first rushed to Donegal Town Hospital, where I underwent numerous tests, operations and treatments and then I was rushed to Letterkenny General Hospital, where I underwent further tests and advanced numerous operations and treatments etc including being put on a ventilator. In regards to the beating sustained when I was 10 years old, if it was not for the fact: 'that my Mother was downstairs with my Siblings and heard the massive thud, when I slowly but surely slid off the bed and landed on the floor and as quick as she possibly could ran upstairs etc and packed the necessary belongings etc and in turn, she and Mr. Brady rushed me to hospital in the family car', I would have died - my Mother had saved my life.
In regards to the beatings that I sustained when I was 7, 8 and 9 years old, Mr. Brady forced my Mother to keep me at home for as long as he could possibly achieve until finally they had no choice but to have me hospitalised in order to undergo the necessary operations and treatments etc to my back as best as they possibly could each time followed by / as well as receiving Psychological and emotional help while also being being questioned by Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers and members of An Garda Siochana etc - in saying that, Mr. Brady made sure that he drove my Mother and I to a different Hospital every time - Letterkenny General Hospital, Sligo General Hospital and Ballyshannon's General Hospital; Sheil's Hospital (in that order).

* The sick twisted child molester / rapist also repeatedly punched me into my face / head on numerous occasions causing superficial damage to my brain (3 parts of the brain - was hospitalised on numerous occasions and underwent the necessary treatments), concentration problems, memory loss, worsening of my Epilepsy etc, all of which, I was hospitalised for and underwent the necessary tests and treatment etc on numerous occasions throughout the years (from age 6 to 10 years old) as well as damage to my jaws, displacing a large number of my teeth, affecting my eyesight temporarily, on top of causing temporary hearing loss in my right ear and tinninitus in both ears - between the ages of 10 and years old, I uncontrollably ate as much raw and cooked red meat, cooked chicken, dairy, carbohydrates (especially potatoes) and peanuts as I could unbeknownst to the reasons why I was doing it and that is on top of the tonnes of snack / dinner boxes Mr. Brady regularly bought every week (approx. 5 times a week) as well as giving me money for myself, which I either gave to my Mother for food etc or combination of that and treating myself to a snack box or chicken / beef burger and regular milk or milkshake.

* When I was 9 and a half years old, he was forced to stop sexually abusing me and raping me as he had raped me (with his penis) and molested me so severely with a bottle that he caused me to suffer with a hernia, which resulted in me being hospitalised on numerous occasions for inspections etc (also visits to the family General Practitioner) but sadly, it did not stop there - instead, he began dragging me from my bed, forcing me to strip and get into our bath and underneath our shower (attached to the bath's taps) most mornings and in turn, forcing me to wash my body underneath freezing cold water, especially my pubic areas while he stood and watched and this continued right up until I was 13 years old - thankfully, he was forced to stop due to an increase in people visiting (including Nurses and family General Practitioner) and staying over plus the fact - that I was slowing coming out of my slumber (due to the fact: 'he had been forced to stop molesting me with objects / his fingers etc and raping me both vaginally and anally - my brain was getting some time to somewhat settle and sort itself out to where it started to slowly but surely store information / events and remember them in real time etc).

When I was 12 years old, I was a victim of a hit and run car accident, which caused most of the damage to L1, L2 and L3 and some of the soft tissue damage to the left hand side of said vertabrae (minute amount of damage had already been caused by Mr. Brady to said vertabrae and the discs in-between while majority of the soft tissue damage was also caused him as a result of the five horrendous / disturbing beatings that I sustained at the hands of him when I was 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old - I was hospitalised after the hit and run car accident and underwent numerous tests and treatments etc - after the hit and run car accident, I was only capable of seeing all of the damage to L1 and some of the damage to L2 but none of the rest due to the profound mental and emotional trauma that I suffered as a result of all of the continuous abuse of one shape form or another / multiple sustained at the hands of I.R.A. member / ex I.R.A. member; Mr. Phelim Anthony Brady.

* From the age of 13 to 15 yrs old, the psychological, emotional and physical abuse (including occasional punches into my face but loads of slaps with an open hand across and punches into other parts of my body) continued but not the sexual thankfully.

When I was 14 years old, due to the facts - that Mr. Brady could no longer sexually abuse me and could no longer control his sick and twisted urges to abuse little girls, he attempted to rape my Mother's Sister, who was 15 years old at the time.

This sick, ywisted child molestor / rapist ; Mr. Phelim Brady then attempted to rape me when I was 15 years old and over the following months, I continuously stole, slashed my body and ran away from home hoping that someone would cop on that something was amiss and a few months later, as a result of stealing two chocolate bars, Mr. Brady beat me so severely, that majority of my body was severely / profoundly bruised, including my left eye, which also had the eyelashes stuck together with blood the following morning (I had to repeatedly soak with water until they slowly but surely separated) - thankfully, after approx. 5 to 6 months, my Aunt; Ms. Evelyn Gamble, who Mr. Brady had attempted to rape when I was 14 years old, came to me one night and softly but directly asked me if Mr. Brady had attempted to rape me, which naturally shocked me at first and which I denied at first but then when she informed me of him attempting to rape her and how my Mother had walked into bedroom and caught / stopped him and after she reassured that Mum would believe me and that she would be there to support me, I agreed to tell my Mother the following morning, which I did and sure enough, my Mother believed me outright and asked me what I wanted to do to which, I told her: 'that if he was going to continue living in the family home, then I could no longer continue to live there - under the same roof as him' so after informing our family General Practitioner of what I suffered from the age of 10 to 15 years old, she was advised to bring me to speak with 2 Social Workers, which she did and with my support and getting some encouragement from me speaking out, my Mother got some strength from me speaking out and reporting him to the Social Work Department and in turn, she verified his severe drinking problem and him mentally, emotionally and physically abusing me and informed the Social Workers - 'that she believed me about him attempting to rape me when I was 15 years old as she had witnessed him attempt to rape her Sister approximately one and a half years earlier when she (my Aunt) was 15 years old' - Mr. Brady also shockingly confirmed minor physical abuse between the ages of 10 and 15 years old as well as a severe beating he inflicted on me when I was 15 years old (already described above in further detail), which left majority of my body covered in bruises plus my left eye severely swollen / bruised and my eyelashes stuck together with blood (following morning).

(I have paperwork to prove majority of the abuse sustained from the ages of 10 to 15 and a half years old) plus that it was Mr. Brady who caused majority of my mental health problems as a child and not the other way around).

Sadly, after my Mother and I spoke out when I was 15 years old, I was left with no other choice but to leave home as both my Mother's actions (cry for help) and mine went unheard and Mr. Brady was not removed from the family home, which in turn, resulted in him having time to abuse / manipulate / force my Mother to retract her statement against him, which she did approximately 2 months later and in turn, with further abuse and pressure by him, my Mother unwillingly threatened me over phone - 'that if I did not retract my statement against him, I would never see my Siblings again' and when I did not, she broke down in front of me and did her utmost to persuade me to retract my statement including begging me to do so, which I did shortly thereafter and the case against him never went to court - I was informed by An Garda Siochana: 'that there was not enough evidence for the D.P.P. to bring him to court' but I know now that both he and my Mother, when questioned by An Garda Siochana at that time, had acknowledged the physical abuse (age 10-15 yrs) including the above mentioned very severe beating that I sustained when I was 15 years old (I have paperwork to prove it all).

At that time, I did not understand why Mr. Phelim Brady Senior was never removed from family home and incarcerated after my Mother and I spoke out against him, especially when she was an important witness in my case against him if it had went ahead but I do now - big time!!!

Not only did I uncontrollably eat as much raw (least amount in comparison to all of the rest I digested) and cooked red meat, cooked chicken / turkey, dairy, carbohydrates (especially potatoes) and peanuts etc as I could unbeknownst to the reasons why I was doing it between the ages of 9 and 15, I also continued to eat as much as I possibly could of cooked red meat, cooked chicken / turkey, dairy, carbohydrates (especially potatoes) and peanuts plus eggs etc between the ages of 15 and 22 years old.

When I was left with no choice but to leave home when I was 15 years old, I first resided with my Grandparents' home for approximately two weeks - it ended after I repeatedly slashed my knees with a razor blade on one occasion - I was so traumatised, that I felt no pain even though the blood was pouring from my knees, especially my left - it was done to help me in my struggle to deal with / attempt to overcome etc all of the abuse that I had suffered at the hands of Mr. Brady and the facts: 'I was treated as the perpretrator instead as the victim and vice-versa when it came to Mr. Brady' plus not living with my Mother and my Siblings' - as a result of my actions, my Grandmother; Mrs. Mary Gamble contacted my Social Worker and asked him to collect me and re-home me, which he did the following day and I was placed in the care of my Aunt; Ms. Gabriel Brady (resided in Ballyshannon at the time), where after a short while I carried out an uncontrollable sexual act against my cousin; Marguerite due to the profound sexual abuse that I had suffered as a child at the hands of Mr. Phelim Brady, which I struggled to first forgive myself for (which did not take long as I knew it occurred because of the abuse I sustained at the hands of Mr. Brady - I knew it was his fault not mine as the Psychologist / Social Workers / Staff in the hostel mentioned below etc reassured me of that regularly (I have paperwork to prove it all).

My Aunt contacted my Social Worker; Mr. John Stack straight away (a fabulous person - both he and my other Social Worker did everything that they could to help me in any way that they could throughout the years that I was in care but sadly, those higher up failed me time and time again) and he came and collected me as quick as he possibly could - I resided at home for few days until he could arrange somewhere permanent for me to reside, which ended up being a N.W.H.B. hostel; Teach Trasna in Sligo Town, Co. Sligo, where I underwent the necessary Psychological treatment to help me overcome my above mentioned actions and to somewhat help me deal with the abuse that I had sustained at the hands of Mr. Brady as well as somewhat help me deal with the hurt and pain of being forced to leave my family (my Mother and my Siblings) and my concerns for their well-being based on the facts: 'that whenever I visited home after I had stood up against him and had spoken out and reported him to An Garda Siochana etc and after I went into care of other family members and then under the care of the Health Servce hostel when I was 15 years old, my Mother would break down and inform me - that Mr. Brady had been physically abusing her again' and would beg me to return home for good because whenever I was at home on visits / resided there for as long as I could, he would never abuse her or my Siblings in the slighest (especially her) with one exception, which was when he slapped my Brother; Phelim Junior with an open hand' and all of that is on top of the stress connected to trying to get Mr. Brady arrested, incarcerated, prosecuted and incarcerated for life as well as somewhat help me overcome the horrific abuse I suffered while in care (while residing in that hostel) - mentioned below - thankfully while in care, I regularly did what I loved, which was sports, most of the time with a staff member, be it swimming (mostly), bowling, squash, cycling etc as well as art, board games, puzzles, listening to music, computers etc on top of writing all that I had suffered (of what I could recall) and was a victim of that that time as well and what I was dealing with generally / overall and how it all made me feel (good and bad) etc in my personal diary while also confiding in staff members, fellow residents, family members, friends in Donegal Town and Sligo Town, acquaintances, work colleagues, other students etc - basically anyone who would listen to me - thankfully loads of people did listen and were a comfort to me but sadly all off that did not help me overcome all of what i had suffered and was suffering as well as overcome the trauma of everything that I had sustained and had blocked out.

After a few months residing in the Health Service hostel, I was raped by a member of a Paedophile ring in Sligo Town unbeknownst to me at that time (I was 15 and three-quarters years old) and within the following year, I was raped again on 2 seperate occasions by 2 different perpretrators (one of whom was a member of the same Paedophile ring as the male who raped me the first time) and sadly it did not end there cause as a result of the 3rd rape (by a fellow resident), I fell pregnant and after only 2 weeks, I was jumped upon by 2 female family members / friends of my rapist, one of whom punched me to the ground and then the pair of them set about repeatedly kicking me into my stomach / womb area while shouting at me - after they had stopped and had left the vicinity, my female friend who had been with me assisted me up off the ground and back to the hostel, where I went straight to the bathroom and used the toilet - blood came pouring out of me - I was mis-carrying my baby, something I also had to try and deal with and overcome on top of everything else but I never got a chance to cause within a year, I was raped again (17 years old) and on top of sustaining all of the above, I was also being regularly mentally, emotionally and verbally and sometimes physically abused both at school and on the streets of Sligo Town while also trying to get Justice and worrying about my Mother and my Siblings' well-being, rekindle things with my Mother and Siblings and support my Mother when she begged me to and accepted it, with the later (after the rape at when I was 17 years old) continuing on right up until I was 19 years old - by the time that I was 19 / 20 years old, I was struggling to hold my head above water - I never felt so alone in my life - I could see no way out of the massive dark hole I was in through no fault of my own - I was dying inside.


Thankfully, in saying all of that, with the loving support of my loving Partner; Christopher of 17 and a half years, who has helped me (since I was 20 years old) recover from and deal with etc everything I suffered plus continues to support me to this present day - he has saved my life in more ways than one including helping me survive, overcome and recover pychologically and emotionally from my abusive past (he also thankfully got some support from a male friend he had at that time as well as from a Psychologist and a Councillor that he attended years apart on numerous occasions to help him deal with everything (highlighted below)) and as he helped me recover, I also helped him recover and deal with everything.

My Partner has also been there for me when my back (esp. spine),knees,crus section of legs, ankles and feet slowly but surely became more and more painful to where the pain was excruciating / completely unbearable and my lower limbs,ankles and feet regularly swelled up after a short period of me walking upright and in turn, helped me recover when my immune system crashed (not long after,i became wheelchair bound) as a result of the shock of the injuries I had blocked out slowly but surely registering sub-conciously at a pace that my brain could handle (unbeknownst to me) after so many years and in turn (particularly as a result of the shock of the damage to my spinal column / cord registering, esp. the genuine physical damage to the thoracic and lumbar regions of my spinal column and cord - numerous pinched nerves), my system slowly but surely began refusing to digest food more and more to where I slowly lost over 3 stone in weight (what did not help was the fact: 'that the State had got our next door neighbours to abuse us throughout all of this in attempts to stop my Partner in his tracks when it came to helping me recover from all I had suffered due to their negligence and in turn, to wake from my Slumber and be 100 % aware of the full scale of the damage that I had sustained at the hands of Mr. Phelim Brady due to their negligence and massive cover-up) - Health Service Doctors / Specialists repeatedly / continuously kept refusing to treat etc me causing me to drop from 9 st. 6 to just over 6 stone - I was quite literally skin and bones - 'dying' - it reached a stage to where I was unable to not only hold solids down but also water and medication - my Partner was forced to pack up our belongings and rush me out of Sligo Town down to the South Infirmary Hospital in Cork, where I was put on drip and had to have my Epileptic medication etc injected into me and as soon as I began injesting liquids and minute amounts of food, my Partner was forced to take me home - the Specialists there had discharged me even though I had still not fully stabilised so instead my Partner (a Professional Chef / Baker) had to slowly but surely adjust my diet to help me gain back the weight I had lost and recover fully from 'that' 'pecific' 'hit' to my system, while I also underwent very necessary medical treatment and was prescribed necessary natural medication (natural remedies / medication) by a Doctor who specialised in natural remedies etc as well - on top of that, after I had recovered, my Partner and I had to help each - other deal with / overcome so many other things / obstacles in our lifes including horrendous abuse sustained at the hands of neighbours at 2 further consecutive addresses in Cork after the 1 in Sligo to where we now are both two very strong survivours / fighters - it was thanks to him that I was strong enough in advance to handle and overcome the minor amount of flashbacks / recollections that I had in 2007 and the continuous massive amount of disturbing flashbacks / recollections that I had in late 2014 (a few minor vague) / 2015 (loads of vivid plus some vague) / 2016 (some vague and loads of vivid but not to the scale that I had in 2015) - thank you so much pet - love u always.

Plus on top of all of that, throughout the years that my Partner seeked Justice and later, medical treatment and compensation for me at my request, we were repeatedly followed around everywhere we went, intimidated, had drinks / food spiked etc but thankfully, we both were intelligent enough to regularly detoxify our systems on top of the times we vomitted straight up afterwards and / or suffered with diarrhoea.

And up until recently, we were still being harassed,intimidated by the State either directly or indirectly as well as myself being intimidated by an ex-I.R.A. man and questioned by a man connected to Sinn Fein recently in an effort to force me to stay quiet and leave my case against Phelim Brady Senior alone without success - was not just in effort to cover-up their negligligence but also cause Mr. Brady is an ex-I.R.A. man himself - makes sense why I have still not got Justice ater 22 years of trying my utmost, while my Partner and I were being regularly abused and my Partner and I had our names dragged through the mud in order to wrongfully tarnish our names - it is them who are the cold hearted monsters who kept doing all they could to stop me in my tracks as my loving Partner (sometimes I accompanied him - most times, I was too sick) went to Solicitors, Support Groups, T.D.s, Ministers etc and sadly, all refused to help me get Justice at those times because my case was so massive (would tarnish the names of so many top people in our Country as well as An Garda Siochana and 3 Health Services etc) - how disturbing is that even though the I.R.A. have been disbanded years ago, which in turn legally etc makes Mr. Phelim Brady, 446 Drunmrooske Estate, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal just an ordinary citizen like the rest of us but in saying that, sadly it turns out, he still continued to / still does have connections with fellow ex-members of the I.R.A. plus high-up people within the System / Governement,especially Sinn Fein sadly - I just really hope that some day soon they do what is right and no longer allow Mr. Brady etc control them and in turn, do their jobs properly and incarcerate, prosecute and incarcerate him once and for all.


It's disgrceful how Mr. Brady and his ex-I.R.A. comrades / members of Sinn Fein / etc who covered up for him all of these years are not finally arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated once and for all since they were the ones who forced the the Health Service (numerous members of the Psychology Department and a few Social Workers) and loads of members of An Garda Siochana (it was especially them who had their hands forced) plus the D.P.P. not to do their job properly and in turn, failed my Mother and I (especially us too) as well as my Siblings (the youngest; my Brother; Patrick was never physically and sexually abused thankfully while I was residing at home and while I was in contact / visiting the family home / residing there) on a grand scale - all of those responsible should finally be held accountable for their heinous crimes once and for all - there was more than enough evidence on my tiny body between the ages of 4 and 6 years old to put Mr. Brady Senior away for ten lifetimes let alone one - severe / profound bruising all over my upper and lower limbs, especially my joints and crus section of my legs that he continuously / repeatedly broke / fractured most times that he sexually molested / raped me either / both vaginally / anally and that I was hospitalised for majority of the time, where on 3 seperate occasions (at least), An Garda Siochana and Social Work Department were contacted and he was arrested and taken away in handcuffs for questioning - please note; on one occasion, that 'monster' also severely damaged by hips - that were also put into plaster of paris casts at same time of my thighs and knees - all damaged / broken / fractured at same time while Mr. Brady viciously raped me - I was brought to hospital that very same day covered in severe / profound bruising all over said areas etc and bleeding from my bruised vagina etc.

And that is only a very small fraction the system was aware of - then add the 5 hospital visits after 5 seperate profound beatings into my back when I was 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, all of which resulted in me suffering with severe to profound bruising all over back on each occasion as well as severe to profound soft tissue damage in various parts of my back on top of damage to my spinal column / cord - certain areas of my back were punched repeatedly alot more than others during a number of these beatings and in turn, suffered the worst damage overall to where even after undergoing many operations and treatments, I to this very day suffer with damaged vertabrae and discs in all 3 sections of the Spinal Column as well as all of the soft tissue / structural damage etc until I undergo many operations and treatments etc.

Do I really need to say any more - have I not waited long enough for Justice and Compensation as well as having the necessary medical treatment / operations carried out, which I understan now could only be done until I recovered mentally and in turn have all of the damage to my brain and body finally register again properly both mentally and visually etc as well as their side-effects, esp. the damage to my spinal column and cord - in saying that, life should have been made a lot lot easier for my Fiancee and I as the damage to my body began registering more and more with with my brain in every way followed by the full degree of the mental damage that was caused to me as a child by Mr. Phelim Anthony Brady, which only occurred last year (mental - side-effects of the damage to my brain that Mr. Brady had caused and that had been corrected / treated as a child (that has now healed again) and Autism, symptoms of which are now thankfully becoming more and more under control) - seriously? - please, please help me!!! and thank you genuinely!! - please refer to my profile on Facebook for further details and photograps of all of the damage to my body and it's side-effects that I have been dealing with for years and still am (majority of which I was not aware of and count not see until last year and some more this year including the scars that were a result of the injuries sustained as a child as well as all of the operations etc carried out as a child.

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