Replacement of overrepresented non Catholic/Christian religious items in TKMAXX Ireland

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Having regularly traveled to all the major TKMAXX shops in Ireland I have noticed an increase in religious icons such as Buddhist, Hindu statues with absolutely no Catholic icons or statues especially during this Lenten season. As majority Catholics & other Christians we should demand that TKMAXX updates their stock to reflect on the majority of the country’s residents. For every non Christian religious icon there should be 9 Christian ones. TKMAXX claims that their stock is diverse but this is an outright lie exemplified in their religious stock selection, with absolutely no Christian icons on their shelves. Not only should Christians be offended by this they should stop shopping at TKMAXX Ireland until they start showing dignity and respect to also the majority of Ireland’s residents. Please sign this petition if you agree. For the sake of our Lord and the Apostle of Ireland St. Patrick. 

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