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Rescue work should continue on fallen buildings by the earthquake in Mexico City.

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Immediately after the devastating earthquake occurred in Mexico City this past September 19, 2017, civilians presented an incredible level of organization to rescue survivors within the fallen buildings, specialist on this kind of rescue, carpenters, welders, masons, nurses, doctors, women and men all volunteers and international rescue groups of various countries such as Panama, Chile, USA, Japan, Israel have been collaborating, leaving their hearts and souls to free the survivors from the mountains of fallen and broken concrete, but this amazing and incredible work has been interrupted / forbidden in some buildings or just allowed partially  leaving survivors within these buildings alive.  

The international rescue teams have been denied access to some fallen buildings, civilians in support teams remove and restricted from the areas, all this to make a final demolition of the mountains of concrete with alive people inside. This cannot be possible, it's a crime to bury these alive survivors, a crime to the families that are expecting to see and hug their mothers, fathers, grandparents and kids again.

In addition to the enormous level of desperation, frustration and impotence that volunteers and specialists are experiencing because they know that exist ample opportunity to rescue many more survivors.

This call is to protect the human rights, we ask the support of Amnesty International and United Nations to stop what the Mexican Government is doing to the people that is still alive within the fallen buildings, the survivors of the September 19th, 2017 earthquake have the right to be rescue, and the families of not survivors have the right to have the decease bodies of their family members, the call is to help stop the crime that Mexican Government want to keep committing.

1985 Mexico City Earthquake survivor requesting that the rescue of survivors contibue

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