Help stop the removal of privacy doors from Guelph University students

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Recently, the University of Guelph South Residence's fire saftey policy has been changed. As a result, the doors that connect the students living in alcove double and triple rooms together have been deamed a fire hazard due to the sound quality through the doors when a fire alarm rings. Housing Services have chosen to remove the connecting doors with less than a days warning as a solution. This creates several issues, mainly regarding the affected student's privacy. Many students who chose to live in alcove rooms chose to do so knowing that there was a barrier to provide them with more privacy than what they would have in a triditional double or triple room. This privacy that Guelph is threatening to take away is important for several reasons, including mental health, accademic success, and personal comfort. The connecting door allows students to sleep, socialize, and study when they feel comfortable doing so without disturbing the sleeping, socializating, and studying habits of other students.

There are other options beyond removing the physical door that we feel that Housing Services have not taken into consideraton. For example, instaling fire alarms in each individuals room or improving the quality of the already exsiting fire alarm system. Improving the phsyical alarms could also benefit students who may have difficulty hearing the alarm due to hearing impairments, medication, or sleeping habits, making it an overall more effective solution. Even in single rooms without a connecting door, some students have reported difficulty hearing the alarms when they are sleeping or using soundproofing headphones, which indicates that the problem will not be solved by removing connecting doors. As a university that prides themselves on their attentiveness to the wellbeing of the student body, their decision contradicts the reputation they claim to uphold.

The staff of Housing Services at the University of Guelph need to consider the implications that this decision has on the university's student body. It would be greatly appreciated if you would sign our petition urging Housing Services to reconsider their decision to remove students doors. Thank you!