We need to save lives and secure our future - Give ourselves the best shot! #bestshot

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We need to save lives and secure our future -  Let's get ready to roll out the Covid 19 vaccines through our  local pharmacies - Give ourselves the best shot! #bestshot

The pandemic rages in Ireland, and we need the government to step up with a vaccine roll out plan. Lives are in turmoil, and people are scared. We need to get back to work, to get back to meeting up and to get back to  the lives we had before. To do that we need a vaccine roll out  plan - and fast.

With soaring cases and hospital admissions, protecting ourselves and the health service has never been more important - but we need hope. And we are urging the government to back our local pharmacies.

Ireland now has the unenviable statistic of seeing the spread of the coronavirus  grow at an alarming rate - the worst rate in the world. As hospital admissions soar and our loved ones face ICU, we need to put in place a plan now to secure the roll-out to every part of the county - in particular our rural areas.

And in doing that, utilising our pharmacies to deliver the vaccine is the safest, most trusted and most efficient option. Give our pharmacists the proper PPE to deliver the vaccine,  help them with their facilities and ensure they are front and centre of the roll out plan for our communities. Let's have the vaccines available to people in every village and town in the country.

Remember as it stands your pharmacy is the only health centre that is presently open. And that pharmacies and GP's have delivered 1.1m doses of the flu vaccine since last September.

So we are calling on the Minister to ensure Covid 19 vaccines get to all our communities by utilising our Main Street pharmacies as a matter of urgency - to begin by preparing them now for the roll out and to ensure that Ireland does not lag hopelessly behind as we strive to open up our communities, our businesses, our schools, our homes and just to be ourselves again.

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