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Less modern technology & more basic skills in our school system.

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My name is April Anderson and I’m here today because I’m truly concerned for our children’s future. We have young adults coming into society without the basic tools needed to thrive in life. I believe there needs to be a reconstruction in the school system beginning with the usage of today’s modernized technology.

There has been research completed on teenagers and people in general on the average attention span. The latest results show a significant decrease in the attention span due to the amount of time spent using technology. In the year 2000 the National Center of Biotechnology and the U.S. National Library of Medicine conducted a study and found the average attention span was 12 seconds. Another study was conducted in the year 2016 showing an average attention span of 8.25 seconds. A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

With this being said, we need to consider limiting the usage of electronic devices. So with a few changes, our children will have a safe and healthier environment where they may be able to learn without any risks or disturbances.

• Students will have access to the internet on their laptops that the school provides; with a time frame of 45 minutes to an hour. Laptops should remain at school in a computer class.
• Clocks are in every classroom so that every student can and will know the time.
• Phones are furnished in every class and in the front office. Cell phones and apple watches have become a major distraction for students and employees.

This isn’t anything new to us because it’s established in the elementary schools. People in our community as well as myself believe this structure needs to be implemented throughout high school.

If we utilize the basic tools such as: books, paper, pencils, crayons and limit the usage of electronics devices. This will allow the students to focus on their studies, communication skills and how to coexist with different cultures and personalities.

Parents need to realize the effects of using too much technology can and does harm our children. Studies have shown the effects it has on children:
*Physically (their bodies)
*Materialistically (their money)
*Psychologically (their brain)

Research has proven a child’s brain doesn’t fully develop until their mid-20’s, so it’s extremely important that a child has the proper influences. Starting with the curriculum, techniques and tools used to educate our children.

We all know, “knowledge is power: and this country can’t afford for that to be put into the wrong hands. There’s four ways to harm our community and our country: water, food, medical and our children (education).

With the technology growing so rapidly we all need to stop and think about what we are bringing into our homes, schools and communities.

Therefore, with this reconstruction we will accomplish a balance within our community and form a unity between our schools and homes, so that we will have young adults coming into society with the tools needed. It will also allow our district to save money because the laptops remain at school in computer class. Which in turn, less money will be spent on repairing misused and destroyed laptops. We can invest the money into all employees because they deserve it and our children deserve their education and a future.

I visited an academy school here in NC that was established in the year 1850 and they follow this structure and it works. I, myself was also taught using the same structure. I’ve spoken with many people in our community and we believe this is the best method for our children.

This district (our community) needs to rebuild because “our children are our future.” We will regain a stronger community that stands with respect, communication skills, knowledge and power: “One Nation Under GOD, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All”.

• Everyone will be treated equally
• No one will be discriminated
• Everyone will be able to coexist because they have been taught different cultures and personalities
• ”No child left behind” was revised on 10-12-15 to Every Student Succeeds Act

I was invited to the “Children Evangelism fellowship” by Mr. Brady Johnson and I attended. I was amazed how GOD kept reaching out to me about this subject we are discussing right now. They gave everyone a booklet and when you open it up on page 3 it reads, “Did you know, your brain is the most amazing computer of all!” “It is far better than any computer built by people.”

I know everyone wants to point fingers and say it starts at home and it does but our children have a second home (school) and it’s very crucial our children have the right tools and influences. Let’s correct our mistakes so our children have a bright future.

In closing, I want to extend my love and the hope that this community will do what’s right for GOD’s children. I would like to thank everyone for all that you do and will continue to do. God bless you and never forget who made our country, “GOD” and our home still stands because of “GOD”


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