Keep the man that murdered ( our brother Tommy Cass ) behind bars

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Our brother Tommy Cass was shot and killed by Dale Hague on sept.7th Dale Hague was not arrested until Sept.24th and the SBI came to his residence and took him in. Dale Hague has been charged with first degree murder and no bond was set at the time. Dale Hague willingly shot and killed our brother Tommy and then after Dale Hague had committed this horrible act of violence he left the scene where he committed this unthinkable act of murder and left our brother Tommy laying dead on the ground in a field infront of Tommy's friends that were with him on that day. Dale Hague has shown no respect for our family. He committed the murder of our brother directly beside our mother's home, where she sit on her outside deck all day of Sept. 7th knowing that her youngest child and her only son lay dead just beyond a small area of woods that dividend her home from Dale Hagues residence and the field where he murdered and left our brother Tommy laying. Dale Hague constantly drove by our mother's home multiple times a day and was out in the community shopping Ect. Our family would like to ask people from our community and all surrounding areas to help with fighting for Justice for Tommy and do everything in our power  to make sure Dale Hague doesn't get a bond and that when he is sentenced that the jury and the judge give him the harshest sentence that they can give. Dale Hague shot our brother Tommy for no reason other than pure evilness. Tommy was unarmed. Dale Hague murdered our brother in cold blood and left him laying in that field as if he meant no more than an animal that had been shot and left by someone. Our family is still suffering so much from the loss of Tommy. Tommy was a good man and he worked so hard to get a business started and turn it into a success. Please help our family fight for the Justice that Tommy deserves . Thank you the Cass family