Medical Insurance for People With Disability

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I am a physically disabled person. I have a condition called “Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy ”. I work with a private company and earn close to 6.5 lakhs per annum, capable of paying insurance premium. I don't fall in the Economically Backward Sector, I tried to get medical insurance for myself. However all the Medical insurance Companies  (HDFC, United India and few others) declined my application without even doing a medical check-up, stating I am under high risk category. 

Apart from my disability, I am a fit person without any other medical history. With more than 22 million physically disabled Indians, Insurance Regulation and Development Authority (IRDA) must make stronger regulations which are inclusive and protective of the right to health of disabled people.   

I urge the Insurance Regulation and Development Authority (IRDA) to mandate - 

  • Insurance companies to publish on their website number of applications received for medical insurance from physically disabled people, number of accepted and rejected applications and reasons for rejection 
  • Conduct studies to determine risks for different categories of disabled people. And fix the range of premiums permissible under each category 

Security of disabled people is at stake. A person with a disability has to live in fear that If something happens to them, there is nothing on which they can bank on. Insurance companies cannot run their business only to make profit but show empathy and sensitivity towards Disabled people. This is the least a citizen can expect from the establishment