IR e-ticket waiting passenger should get option to unreserved ticket/cancel & full refund

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The Incident:

I have booked a reservation ticket of rail on 27/03/2018 for a journey from Jiaganj (JJG) to Ranaghat (RHA) in Hazarduary Express (13114) through IRCTC mobile app. PNR No. of the ticket is 6612952543. At the time of booking it shows seat availability as GNWL45/WL25  and the booking was running. I was booked the ticket hoping that I would get the confirmed seat at the time of "Chart" preparation or at least (if the confirmed seat is not available even at the time of chart preparation) I will be able to go with the ticket on the unreserved seat.

It seems to me logical that, I am paying for a travel in a reserved seat, the seat is not available now, so I have to stay in waiting list (for the reserve seat). As soon as the seat will be available (on cancellation of other passengers) I will get the reserved seat. If the reserved seat would not be available, I have to travel on unreserved seat. So I have not tried to search and read all rules and regulations of IRCTC and IR. It was not also possible for me at that time, to search, what would happen if the confirmed seat would not available. 

After chart preparation I have searched the status of my ticket and I found the seat position as WL15 and WL16 (for me and my wife). As the journey was very urgent for me, I caught the train and entered in an unreserved coach.  When the ticket checker came to me, I showed him the e-ticket and explained him the situation. He replied me that, “as the seat is not confirmed, this ticket will be cancelled automatically and you will get the refund. You are now treated as without ticket and have to pay fine beyond normal fare.” He has also fined me Rs. 250 in addition with normal fare Rs 65. Challan No of the fine is 02-473794.

After two days IRCTC mail me that my ticket has been cancelled and I will get Rs 30 as refund. (Note I have paid Rs 150 for the ticket). I have mailed to the irctc care about the matter, but still (in 10 days) they have not replied to me. In this situation I have some questions-

My Question:

1.    Is it possible for a passenger to read all rules and regulation at the time of ticket booking?

2.    A passenger booked a ticket for a journey, which he/she needs. If the confirmed seat is not available, why he/she will not be able to travel in unreserved seat with that ticket?

3.    If the cancellation policy is there for the ticket with no conformed seat, why they will not informed the passengers immediately after chart preparation? They collect passenger’s email ID and phone number at the time of ticket booking.

4.    If IRCTC/ IR is bound to cancel the ticket due to unavailability of seat, that means the train is running with its full capacity and it is their fault that they are unable to arranger for a seat for me, even after taking fair from me. In this situation, I think it is their responsibility to give the passengers full refund (including all types of tax and charges related with the ticket booking) with immediate information. Why would not they do so?

5.    Why IRCTC are not taking prior clear consent form the passenger whether they are agree to cancel the ticket if the seat is not available?

So my demands are

My demand:

1.    Give me full refund of Rs 150 for the ticket with PNR No. 6612952543, as the ticket was not cancelled by me.

2.    For your negligence to inform me about the cancellation of the ticket, I had to pay fine of Rs. 250. Give me the amount of fine.

Make rules so that:

1.    A passenger can travel with e-ticket in unreserved coach (if there is), in case where confirmed seat is not available.

2.    When booking is going to waitlisted, take consent from the passenger what they are willing to do if the confirmed is not available. (Cancellation with full refund/ journey in unreserved seat if available).

3.    In any situation, if the IRCTC / IR is bound to cancel a ticket, inform the passenger immediately over email and SMS and give the passenger  full refund including all charges.