Canadian Immigration of parents shouldn't be restricted to first come first serve.

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Canadian Immigration sponsorship for parents use to be on lottery system till 2018. In 2019 it was changed to first come first serve. The maximum number of applications were set to 20,000, on 28th Jan 2019 at noon. I was one of the many applicants who wanted to sponsor mother. I was on CIC website waiting for the  form to appear so that I can fill my form of interest to sponsor. I kept refreshing the web page but the form never showed up. after trying for 10 minutes, I get a message "We’ve already received enough interest to sponsor forms. The form is closed for now.".

When I saw this message I felt like, This is not the way a parent/parents should be treated. It just because of these parents' uncountable and invaluable sacrifices that their kids gained the required skills to become eligible to get Canadian Immigration. These kids are currently serving Canadian economy with the skills that were nurtured carefully and painfully by their parents. In my opinion this is very harsh if the child cannot sponsor his/her parent/parents for Canadian Immigration. I feel like it is against the morals for uniting the family. Immigration to parents should be unconditional except there is a reason of national security.

My request to IRCC ( Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to please make the sponsorship for parents extremely easy and fast for all Canadians. Parents shouldn't be restricted on medical grounds or on first come first service or any other condition except there is a reason of national security.

Thank you