Expedite Final Decision Processing (For Study Permits)

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Students across India have been waiting for the final decision of their VISA Applications since March 2020. Many of them left their jobs, to start the study, have families to feed, and have risked their future. Waiting for so long is depressing for both the applicant and their families. Students who applied through SDS are suffering, and can't afford to defer another semester or get refusals for genuine cases, as they have already submitted the fee for the first academic year and GIC either with the hard-earned money of their parents or by taking loans. Though the current situation isn't favorable and IRCC is working with LIMITED CAPACITY, we all humbly request you to please EXPEDITE FINAL DECISION PROCESS and clear the backlog of files for the last 3 intakes. Thousands are affected and the decisions might directly make or mar the future of students and their families. We request you to process the files in FIFO (First In First Out) order so that the students awaiting decisions are confident enough and can take a sigh of relief. Hoping that all the students have their final decisions soon (by the mid of February).

NOTE: Through this petition, we don't aim to disrespect or harm anyone's dignity/ feelings. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.