Stop ruining our beloved game

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As a fan of Rugby Union all of my life , and as a former club player , it is my Goal to get the rule makers of our beloved game to listen to the fans .

In recent years there has been some justified concern for welfare of the players, be it amateur or professional, in regards to concussions.

I can guarantee that every participant understands the risks . 


It’s just been anounced that a new law is to be trialled in the IRB international tournament for the world U20’s teams ,   the law is in regards to the tackle law  , the new trial is to test the game with players unable to tackle above the “nipple line” . 

firstly concussions are not happening from high tackles alone , concussions can happen in any collision from a tackle  or contact area of the game ( which happens to be the whole game !)   there are so many variables , head knocks from other players heads with multiple tacklers , tackled players  falling into other players at the breakdown ,  a concussion can happen from a good solid front on tackle in the mid section that can cause whiplash or even contact from the ground , the list can go on and on ! 

we as fans are completely feed up with watching as the opposition team gets an advantage from a sin binning for a technicality from current tackle law,  there is no clear  interpretation happening from the referees!  A tackle can be shoulder height now and slip up and brush the tackles players head with no force what so ever and  the whistle blows ! Penalty given , the game swings away from the team just gaining momentum.

We fully support player welfare and ideas to combat concussions in sport , but this change in our view will not reduce concussions.

Please don’t further ruin our game with another law change !