iraqian people are getting killed by the government

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Atter peacefully protesting for their basic human rights, like electricity and water Iraqi protesters got brutally tortured and killed. While the world is watching silently ,the government cut off all ways of connections within iraq, like phone lines and internet connection so nobody could know about the awful treatment that has been going on, Military forces are "stopping" protesters with guns ,militias are "arresting" them, and unknown groups are kidnapping and threatening activits, The internet ban was made to cover the lawless acts of these forces but we can't stay silent anymore. Tens, hundreds and maybe soon they will be thousands, are suffering from the government that has been denying civilians from their right to live a decent life. Iraqis deserve a life of dignity and a future of peace and security and we need your help to achieve this ,We need your urgent help. Please help us end this cruelty against humanity and stop the government before anyone else dies.

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يتم قتل المتظاهرين السلميين في العراق لطلبهم حقوقهم البسيطة مثل المياه النظيفة والكهرباء ، ويتم القبض عليهم وقتلهم ، ويتجاهل العالم هذا ، وتواصل الحكومة قطع جميع طرق الاتصال مثل الإنترنت والهواتف ، لذلك لا أحد يعرفون ما يفعلونه لهم ، نحتاج إلى مساعدة عاجلة وهذا مهم حقًا ، رجاءً لا تستمروا في تجاهلنا

#انا_عراقي_انا_ مع_الثورة