Free Baluch enforced disappeared Abdullah buzurgzadeh & Baluch activists

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Abdulla buzorg Zadeh is a Baluch activist enforced despaired, on the Starday 17th June 2018, when he has been going back at home after finish the protest, against a Rape of 41 girls in Iranhashr city in Iran.
he was arrested by the intelligence of Islamic Revolutionary Guard, that they were wearing civil clothes and had a civil car (Peugeot 405)، and they didn't show any arrest warrant when he ask them.
he has could sent to us, his voice conversation with them, when they arrested him.
Until this moment his detention place it's unknown, and his family are unable to contact with him.

And after that the Iranian intelligence arrested some of baluch activist when they also showed their sympathy with raped girls.


baluch rap singer's Emad Bejjarzahi (Shah Baluch)

Habib Zainoldeeni Lashari