iRacing to Scan Iconic Western Springs Speedway before its closure in 2019

iRacing to Scan Iconic Western Springs Speedway before its closure in 2019

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Western Springs Speedway has been and still is the most iconic open wheel speedway in New Zealand. This year the council of Auckland City, New Zealand are ending its legacy of 90 years of Motorsport in March 2019. The Council are wanting to merge Western Springs with another Speedway in Auckland at the cost of 26 million.

This Speedway has had some of the best and upcoming Midget, Sprint Car and even NASCAR drivers from the US attend this venue and competed, names of. Kyle Larson, Tony Stewart, Shane Stewart, Brad Loyet, Christopher Bell, Spencer Bayston, Bryan Clauson, Tyler Thomas, Tyler Courtney, Jerry Coons Jr, Jonathan Allard, Donny Schatz and that is just to name a few.

Every season this venue has hosted the World 50 Lapper Midget event, International Midget Series, International Sprint Car Series and many other events which attract international talents from Australia, America and around the globe. 

iRacing Motorsports Simulation is arguably the best motorsport simulation when it comes Dirt Racing, having tracks laser scanned, and the cars laser scanned, its accuracy to detail on track and the rest of the venue are like no other. Having the best dynamic track which allows the track to slicken off like the real world, there is no other simulation like it out there. That is why iRacing has the best opportunity to continue this amazing venues legacy for years to come whether its virtual or not. It is one of the best out there pulling in numbers of 300-400k people and families every season, and is not a venue which should be forgotten about and the talents which have come from it.

Please sign this petition in support to have iRacing Scan this track to keep its legacy alive and well, even if it is to be pulled down at the start of 2019. Seeing this track go and lose its legacy all together is a big chunk taken from the Dirt community internationally, and in Oceania and of course New Zealand