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Ira Sanchez (aka Dalton Sanchez) is a rapist.

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Three years ago Phoenix trans activist Ira Sanchez (aka Ira Dalton Gray, aka Dalton Sanchez) published a blog to his Tumblr detailing a disturbing non-consensual sexual encounter. The purpose of the blog was to explain the body dysmorphia Sanchez experienced as a trans man when his partner said, "I don't want to eat you out." She told him she was drunk and that she wanted to go to sleep. Sanchez, then known as Ira Dalton Gray, asked if he could masturbate next to her and then had sex with her against her will.

Readers pointed out that Sanchez's blog was a rape confession. At least five of his former partners (including the partner he blogged about raping) came forward with stories of emotional and sexual abuse. When his partners told him they didn't want to have sex, he would tell them the rejection triggered his body dysmorphia and suicidal depression.

Guilting someone into sex is rape.

Sanchez defended himself by calling his victims liars with grudges. He posted a blog to explain himself where he admits to rape but denies being a rapist. Read it here:

According to Sanchez, "there's no such thing as 100% good consent." But that isn't true. Good consent is entirely possible when partners listen to each other and accept "I don't want to have sex," without complaining or trying to negotiate. When Ira’s partner told him she did not want to have oral sex, he asked if he could masturbate. Masturbating in bed next to someone is a sexual act.

Sanchez admits he violated his victims' consent, but he blames his victims for not communicating their boundaries more clearly. Practicing good consent means not engaging in sex when boundaries aren't communicated clearly.

The online community condemned Sanchez and his predatory behavior, so he shut down his blog and changed his name from Ira Dalton Gray to Ira Bohm-Sanchez. His victims did not press charges against him because they did not want to subject him to the racist, transphobic justice system.

The Phoenix activist community continues to support Sanchez and silence his victims. Sanchez works closely with LGBTQA youth as a volunteer for One-n-Ten and CampOUTdoors, and as a Board member for the QU Scholarship Fund. He has a large following, and local organizations, colleges, and media outlets steadfastly support him.

It is incredibly dangerous that the Phoenix queer community continues to support Ira Sanchez and his work with young people. He is a self-confessed serial rapist who does not deserve the platforms and accolades he continues to receive.

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