Night time wardens for Ipswich town

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Following the article discussing the girl being followed home along the waterfront. It's my understanding that tragically three girls every year are raped along the waterfront as well.. 

The Counter Crime Partnership who have incredible radio systems that would greatly improve the safety of our young men and women working late at night. With real time GPS tracking, 4G body camera, facial recognition software and a shared database of all those who pose a threat across bars, retailers and clubs that share this technology, all monitored by a manned control station

My security company Beast Security Ltd. Would like to offer protection to those walking home late on Friday and Saturdays. Particularly bartenders who work well into the early hours. This could be an extension if you wish of the town rangers that operate in the day time.

It's time we looked after those who serve us at night and it's our duty as civilians, security officers and members of this town that we ensure the safety of those who wish to feel safe walking home at night.