Ipswich City Council: Un Suspend Animal Welfare Queensland`s Contract for Animal Neglect

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This petition has been created to raise awareness of the need to save the AWL Ipswich shelter. Currently the council has suspended the premises contract & the AWL has until Monday the 25th March to vacate. The AWL is fighting it, but we need people power behind this.
The intention of this petition is not to 'run the ICC down', along with anyone else seen to be involved in the matter. Therefore, as the admin of this Petition, I am asking for all posts to be kept polite & positive in manner, ensuring all parties are not subject to defamation. The use of profanity will also not be tollerated, and will be removed.

The AWLQ specialises in the care, shelter, and re-homing of cats and dogs. Since 1959, the AWLQ has opened its doors and hearts to all companion animals in need. As well as providing on-site care at its’ three Re-homing Centre’s (Gold Coast, Beenleigh and Ipswich), the AWLQ has a fostering and rehabilitation program that is second to none.

... The AWLQ works closely with the Ipswich City Council in providing care for stray animals during their impound period, with all unclaimed animals then transferring to the AWLQ for re-homing.

As well as a high focus on rehoming, the AWLQ continues to increase community awareness about how to end the tragedy of pet overpopulation. Our goal is to bring an end to the euthanasia of healthy animals in Australia through legislative changes, education and awareness.
The information within this decription regarding the operation of AWLQ is taken directly from the AWLQ web page.

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