Save Bellbird Park - Better Planning for our Growing Community

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Summary: The 'Friends of Bellbird Park' and local residents are standing up to dodgy development in our region, and fighting for improved planning laws to protect the character and identity of our community.

Personal story: The Friends of Bellbird Park are a community organisation made up of local residents and supporters trying to protect their neighbourhood from opportunistic developers, a corrupted local planning scheme, and inadequate state planning laws.

The issue: Ipswich City Council is undergoing significant upheaval after the sacking of the councillors due to a culture of corruption, and the community have been left without local representation. The local planning scheme has been proven incapable of protecting residents from developments which are severly impacting the liveability and character of the neighbourhood. One resident has been forced to spend thousands to protect his home, after a developer built a 6m high retaining wall alongside his property. A number of residents are outraged as council approves high density developments in what was supposed to be a protected corridor. The community are seeking a temporary local planning instrument to protect local residents from dodgy developments, including minimum lot sizes and enforced density limits, mandated impact assessable developments, and green offsets to protect the character of the community.  Residents are not opposed to development, we are opposed to the dodgy developments being passed through council.

Take action! Since the sacking of the local council, the community are at the mercy of opportunistic developers. We are asking the State Government to step in and provide interim planning protection until new local representation is formed. Without action, Bellbird Park is set to be transformed from the one of the last protected suburbs, into just another high density 'sardine city' development.