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Save IBC Ipswich crèches: Crown pools, Whitton & Gainsborough

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A very recent announcement has been made with regards to the closure of creche facilities at Ipswich crown pools, Whitton and Gainsborough.

This is very sad news that would affect the pools, sports centre and society.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AGAINST THE CLOSURE OF THE CRECHEs

For example at Crown pools, people using the creche do that in order to use Crown Pools, i.e. the gym, the pool for a swim, the sauna, the aqua fit classes, they are not leaving the kid at creche and go shopping. So the same said people use the creche and pay for it, use the pool centre and pay for it.
IBC are not only providing a sport service but also a social one: the creche has been a blessing for me and other parents. I have left my daughter there since she was 4 months old: that was my only distraction I had during my mum week. I was still on maternity leave and the only distraction I had was my swimming. The same has happened to other mothers or fathers and still happens.
Not only this, the creche has been extremely beneficial for my daughter who has learnt to stay with strangers just with one hour a week, than two, and also to play/interact with other children. The relationship that now she has with the creche team is magical: she is so looking forward to her friday morning at creche with all the staff, she loves them and they love her.

The creche teams are incredibly talented professional ladies who really try thier very best to accomodate any child, any issue and really and truly enjoy what they are doing and you can see it from the kids faces, they are happy to se them, to stay there.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AGAINST THE CLOSURE crown pools ,Whitton and Gainsborough crèches 

Thank you 

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