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give back my dog !

I'm asking people to support me in trying to get back my dog . My dog dissapeared on 03/02/2013 in Ipswich . i reported my dog lost/stolen to my local council as i got told this was the right thing to do. The council found my dog only to rehome him 7 days later without getting into contact with myself or my mate who was searching for him . I found out they rung my vets only to describe my dog as a alaskan malamute when he is a Siberian husky x German shepherd this is why my vets did not recognize it was my dog. I just want my little boy back his brother and mother is pining for him he had a home there was no reason for him to be re homed .. I really hope people can help me with this petition so i can try and get my baby back . Any advice is welcome we are doing all we can . Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you feel the same way as me ..

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