Stop the pay rise for MP - let’s appreciate NHS workers instead

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MPs could receive a pay rise of £3,300 per year from April next year on top of their annual salaries, whilst our communities and businesses are facing financial uncertainty. 

The proposed pay rise would mean most MPs would earn over £85k a year - meanwhile the average salary of a nurse is £33,384. I don’t think this is fair and I’m calling for the MPs pay rise to be stopped.

Throughout this pandemic, NHS workers have stood on the frontline and sacrificed a lot for this country. If anything they should be rewarded for their efforts, not MPs. The proposed pay rise for MPs is calculated on a dated system. Monies should be redistributed, equal pay and equal rights should be for all.

Think of your local MP, is the value of their work worth this pay rise? Now think of your NHS employees, do they deserve to have wages lagging behind inflation?

If you agree that it’s not appropriate for MPs to get a pay rise next year, let’s challenge the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority on this proposal by saying "No 3k rise 4 MPs"

The MPs' pay proposal is now open for consultation until 6 November, with a final decision due in December. If we all make our voices heard now, this can still be stopped.