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IPCC to investigate Lancs Police for unlawful arrest and serious assault

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I am asking for people to sign and support my call for an independent investigation into an unlawful arrest and subsequent serious assault on me by Lancashire Police. 

The arrest and assault has been ruled unlawful by a magistrate who said:

We find that the officer at the point of the struggle was not acting in the execution of his duty, and therefore the offence is not made out“  

(read the actual handwritten ruling here) but Lancashire police refused to refer it to the IPCC and simply closed down the complaint. 

So, Lancashire Police, IGNORED a magistrates ruling of a criminal act and refused to investigate or bring any charges!  

The aim of this petition is to force Lancashire police to refer it to the IPCC to investigate, or, for the IPCC to enforce a full investigation.

I have provided all links and supporting evidence in links within the below petition scope.

 On the 18th June 2014, I was arrested for no specific reason.  (The full details of the arrest and reasons for me being targeted by Lancashire Police can be read here.)

It was ruled in Chorley Magistrates Court that my arrest was unlawful and that the violent police  (Sgt Hayes) was not acting in the execution of his duties as a police officer.

During the unlawful arrest, Sgt Hayes used PAVA.  PAVA (similar to pepper spray) is legally defined as a Firearm under the Firearms Act 1968.  Sgt Hayes admitted spraying his PAVA spray directly into my eyes, from no more than a couple of inches away (against guidelines s2.6.2) which dictates it should not be used at a distance of less than 1 metre.  Using the spray any less that this, it is quoted that "In such cases, officers must be prepared to justify not only their use of the spray, but their decision to use it at a distance which may cause damage to eyes due to discharge pressure of the liquid".  This alone should be subject to an investigation, but Lancashire police brushed it aside.

Sgt Hayes then sat on my chest and choked me with both hands. He admitted this in court and it was confirmed by his police colleague.  His excuse was 'he though I might spit at him'. He was asked in court if I did spit or try to spit, he said NO.  So, he simply choked me 'in case' I spat at him!

At the police station, I was sexually assaulted by perverted police officer Sgt Eckersley of Ormskirk. This was by means of an unauthorised intimate strip search against PACE guidelines

After further assaults and being left naked in a filthy cell, I suffered severe chest pains, I though I was dying.  I called for medical attention but it was refused. When police realised my condition was serious, they eventually called paramedics.  Whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive and thinking I was having a heart attack, one of the police officers assaulted me again by throwing clothes on my head (read about this here). I thought I was dying at this point. 

I ended up in hospital on a cardiac ward.  The initial diagnosis was that I had had a heart attack.  Later treatment showed that I had elevated troponin levels caused by my treatment by police. Thankfully I hadn't suffered a heart attack.

After a subsequent malicious prosecution by Police against me that was not authorised by CPS or advice sought from them.  I was acquitted in full by Magistrates.  They ruled the arrest was unlawful

A complain to police was then blocked from IPCC, against the IPCC mandatory referral guidelines.

Due to this, ridiculously, the IPCC cannot overrule the Police decision. Even though it is a clear case of police assault and serious injury.  Police have the power to decide what goes to the IPCC and what stays ‘in house’.

I am asking that you sign & share my petition, simply to support a call for an independent investigation into this clear abuse of power and perverting the course of justice by Lancashire police and its officers, not to mention assault and firearm offences.

I am not a criminal. I am a family man with strong morals. I stand up against corruption and for this, Police have tried to criminalise me to damage my case against them. 

I stood up against a Police Informer from Skelmersdale who threatened to kill my wife and children.  I would do the same again for anyone who suffers at the hands of this type of abuse.  All I ask in return is for your signature to force an investigation. 

 I did start a similar petition on the same subject last year to bring criminal charges against the leading officer who blocked the investigation, this petition went well and over 1160 signature were raised, however, what I require is a true independent investigation into the actual incident and assault.


Please SIGN  & SHARE this petition.  This could happen to you or a family member.

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