IPC should revoke NBC's exclusive license to the Paralympics

IPC should revoke NBC's exclusive license to the Paralympics

September 6, 2021
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Started by Allan Xiao

In the US, NBC has exclusive rights to the Olympics yet their coverage of the Paralympics is vastly lacking compared to the regular Olympics.

On TV, there is no regular primetime coverage.

But even in their Peacock app, unlike the Olympics that had it's own section, filled with coverage and replays of all sports, you need to select the Sports tab and scroll past a bunch of other sports to finally see a row "Tokyo Paralympics".

Under there, there is playlist for highlights... But very few replays. In particular, neither the Opening or Closing ceremonies, which basically went all out this year in promoting Diversity and Inclusion and the global #WeThe15 campaign, was not available.


So this just feels like NBC is continuing to reinforce the message that people with disabilities, even the best, are not equal to/as worthy compared to normal people/athletes...

Even though we probably have to work much harder and face more obstacles to get the same things.

So in a way, it's discriminatory and anti-equality.

Other countries have multiple broadcasters.


So why not give it to companies and organizations that actually want show it, like Google and YouTube?

A lot of countries even stream it for free.


Compared to NBC... this is their coverage schedule... Most of it is only on NBCSN


So if America and it's companies really want to talk about Diversity and Inclusion,

They need to start doing it... and held accountable if not.

As they say...

Actions speak louder than words...

And it looks like the only country not doing anything is... America

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Signatures: 46Next Goal: 50
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