Discrimination against B4 athletes within International Blind Sport

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Thank you and keep sharing!

Firstly, thank you for signing the petition. It has amazed us how strongly people feel about this and how many people have been affected by the outdated classification system. We have been working hard to encourage organisations to sign our open letter and the list is slowly increasing. To ensure you stay up to date, we have created a website with the open letter and supporting organisations: www.b4insport.com We have also started to gain some mainstream media coverage with an article written in The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/aug/09/paralympic-athletes-left-in-limbo-over-blind-classification-rules 

Our aim in starting a petition and writing the open letter was to get people talking about the discrimination for visually impaired athletes. We need to keep that discussion going, so please post and share the petition and encourage any organisations you are linked with to support the open letter.  

B4 in International Blind Sports
2 months ago