Objection To Richmond Valley Council’s application for a Special Rates Variation 2019

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We the undersigned ratepayers and citizens of RVC strongly object to Council’s 5.5 % rate increase they are proposing over the next 4 years.

Our reasons are as follows:

Council has just come off a Special Rate Variation over the past 5 years where our rates have increased 37.5% over that 5-year period. Now Council wants to further increase our rates by approximately 23.9% over the next four years. We are concerned about people’s capacity to pay this massive increase.

Inflation over the past 5 years has gone up approx. 7.5% not 37.5% as our rates have. Bank interest on Savings has hovered around 2% over the past 5 Years.

Pensioner Rate Rebates have not increased over the past 26 years. Pensioners cannot afford these proposed increases.

In their application to IPART Council says”That Council consider the concerns raised by  community members about the financial impact pensioners, farmers and residents with higher unimproved capital land values “ HOW DID COUNCIL DO THIS?WHAT DID THEY DO ABOUT THESE CONCERNS?

In summary we believe like any sound business, Council should be prioritizing their many projects and if they cannot afford them ,they don’t happen at this point in time. Council should not just ask Ratepayers to pay extra Rates. Council is showing little concern for the financial sustainability of their ratepayers.