Urgent appeal to dismiss Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey from the office of Constable.

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Sir Craig Mackey, Deputy Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police, was present, together with other colleagues, as the murder of PC Keith Palmer unfolded in front of him. Mackey chose to do nothing and whilst other police officers, members of the public and even politicians ran towards danger he locked the doors of the car in which he was travelling and fled. These cowardly and abhorrent actions are not those of an individual fit to hold the office of constable.

He is a disgrace to the police service.

In addition, he oversaw and had responsibility for the totally inadequate security measures at Westminster Gate which have quite rightly drawn severe and withering criticism from HM Coroner, Mark Lucraft, in which he states, 'He (PC Keith Palmer) was left at a vulnerable location with no protection to die.'

Mackey is due to retire in December. My purpose is to have him sacked before that date for;

(i) A gross neglect of duty and

(ii) Misfeasance in public office.

This individual, and others of his ilk, must understand there are consequencies for their actions or abject lack of them. For all those who suffered and died at the Westminster Attack and for all Police officers who face similar dangers in the future I ask you to share and support my petition. This loathsome individual simply cannot be allowed to walkaway from his cowardly, selfish and wholly unacceptable conduct.