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Put "Miranda's Law" into place, protecting children abused by DHS

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I am an activist. I enjoy utilizing my voice and the right to promote change in order to improve the lives of not only our generation but generations to come. I am also an active member of my community, volunteering whenever I can. I enjoy getting involved with my community and I encourage this behavior frequently with others. I have no criminal background and no drug use history. I am a mental health and substance abuse professional with 2 associates degrees, 2 bachelors degrees and a masters of science in psychology and will be relocating to Boston to obtain my doctoral in psychoanalysis and cultural studies. I am also a mandatory reporter. My grandmother in law is Mayor Benita Grooms and she suggested that this is now my only course of action against the hell Ive been living in the past 2 years. I have attempted to go to both West Burlington and Burlington Police Departments, I have filed mental health committals and am screaming for help, yet nobody will protect myself and my family. Here is the situation...Jean Ann Koett of 208 E. Pennington West Burlington, IA 52655 is destined to wreak havok on my family for reasons unknown. She has called my partners student loan lenders and they now have a hold on her student loans and she can no longer attend her classes at Southeastern Community College until the internal investigation is complete. This woman has repeatedly called the Department of Human Services NOT out of good faith which has been proven to the department through text messages and voicemails in which this lady boasts about being angry and calling to "get my daughter taken away" from me. The allegation consisting of everything from me allowing my daughter to roll around in cat and dog feces to me trying to drug my daughter on adult benadryl and kill her to get her out of the way of me going to Boston to the latest allegation of me residing with a registered sex offender 3 years ago (Ive been with my partner for 6 yrs) and allowed this sex offender to sleep in the same bed as my daughter. The reports from DHS continuously come back unfounded of course; however, I feel this system is mentally and emotionally abusing my 8 year old daughter plus 2 other reports they didnt even investigate, after I have continuously proved that it is this woman making these false allegations out of vindictiveness, not out of genuine concern. The DHS has more concern over protecting her rights as the reporter, than protection of my daughter and I's rights as human beings being tormented and tortured by this woman. I have no rights as a parent. They will not advocate for me or my family. My daughter has been questioned by this system 3 times in the past 2 weeks regarding her mothers parenting skills. It is apparently acceptable for anybody to call and make reports, constantly abusing the system and wasting resources. THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS SYSTEM WAS PUT INTO PLACE FOR AND THIS IS SURE NOT HOW I WANT MY TAX DOLLARS WHICH SUPPORT THIS SYSTEM TO BE SPENT!!!!! They refuse to help me and told me to "contact my legislator if I dont agree with their policies and laws." In the Iowa legislative code book it states in code 232.75 that a person commits a simple misdameanor if they do not report out of good faith. I HAVE PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN THIS IS NOT OUT OF GOOD FAITH, and yet, the DHS system still say this cant be proven (even though I have professional witnesses, voicemails and text messages). The local police departments will not grant us a protective order against this woman because she has not physically harmed us or threatened to physically harm us and they cannot file harassment charges on her because its HER right to call whoever she wants, whatever entity she wants and since she is doing this through third parties and not directly herself, nothing can be done. My rights as a human, my daughters constitutional rights have been stripped from us. The DHS system has not one time interviewed any of my professional witnesses and ignored the voicemails and text messages I have showed them proving this woman is not reporting out of good faith. They have not advocated for my child one time throughout all of this. They have merely abused their power and continues to abuse my child, causing mental and emotional angish on my daughter and us. I mean, an 8 year old child can only be questioned so many times by stangers regarding her mother before this begins to take a toll on her emotions. DHS has pulled her out of class when she has difficulty is school (yet academics do not matter with them as long as they get their questioning in), My partner and I have had to miss work repeatedly due to having to take my daughter down to DHS immediately for questioning and my daughter has had to miss spending time with her father due to the constant DHS interviews. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE NOW! I am also starting a petition that addresses a policy change to protect the individuals being tormented by this system unnecessarily and to stop the abuse of this system, granting the reportees just as many rights as those of the reporters. I would greatly appreciate your help and support with this situation. I dont know what else to do besides taking action and getting a policy change so the Iowa code 232.75 will be upheld for false reporting and to protect victims like my daughter. Thank you for your time and efforts and please assist me in rectifying this situation for the protection of my 8 year old daughter who completely helpless in this situation.


Miranda R. White, MS, IADC

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