Stop 40% tax on functional glass art in Iowa !

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Under the guise of a "Methamphetamine Bill" the Iowa State Legislature is in the process of passing a 40% tax that applies to ALL glass smoking devices, including what Senate Bill SF363 ( refers to as commonly known ‘paraphernalia’ used to smoke tobacco and other legal dry herbs. In the state of Iowa, as of 2014, glass pipes are no longer considered paraphernalia, but instead considered glass art. We all know that the vast majority of glass art on the market can not be used to consume the hard/illicit substances Senate Bill SF363 claims to be addressing as it takes a special type of device to consume those substances; devices many legitimate smoke shops do not carry.  

This tax unfairly targets consumers of glass art as it does not distinguish between the cheap, disposable pieces of glass ranging from $5-$10 and works of art ranging from $20-$20,000. For those consumers looking for something cheap and disposable, a $2-4 increase in price won’t be much of a deterrence. For those consumers looking to collect unique, one-of-a-kind works of art their price will suddenly skyrocket 40%, all to gather tax money to address a problem they themselves are in no way a part of.

At a time when small businesses are struggling to stay open after suffering through a pandemic, recession and derecho, this will move revenue and sales out of state via online sales and push many mom and pop smoking accessory shops out of business, while doing nothing to actually address the meth problem in the state of Iowa, as the tax will only really affect those looking for permanent works of art rather than cheap, disposable glass items.  

Will the 40% tax apply to all glass art in the state of Iowa ? Will the glass roses at gas stations be taxed 40%? Will Hobby Lobby collect a 40% tax on the glass tubes they sell that are commonly used for such purposes SF363 aims to address ? Will aluminum foil be taxed at 40%? Or will those items still be for sale, tax free, as the meth problem explodes and legitimate mom and pop shops are taxed into oblivion ? Let us also not forget the other art galleries all across the state that don’t happen to sell art in the shape of a pipe, will they, too, be subjected to a 40% tax on their wares ?  

As Iowa understandably aims to address its methamphetamine problem via a tax that is  intended to directly affect a specific consumer’s pocket, it will inadvertently take money from the pockets of Iowans that are not a part of the problem looking to be addressed, crush small businesses and eliminate 1000s of jobs. Let’s find a way to address the meth problem in Iowa without punishing those that aren’t a part of the problem. 

Please sign this petition to stop Senate Bill SF363 from being signed into law. 

With appreciation,

your local smoking accessory shop owners, customers, art lovers, and allies to the cause.  

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