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Patients at high risk of mental, psych & physical damage after refused medical foods.

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The Iowa Department of Public Health has made the inhumane decision to cut funding for specially formulated medical food for people with a rare disorder called phenylketanoria (PKU).  PKU is a metabolic disorder in which the amino acid phenylanine is built up to dangerous levels.

People with PKU must follow a very restricted diet for life that involves little or no protein. Without this medical food these people are essentially condemned to a life of mental, emotional and physical problems throughout their lives because all they would be allowed to eat is their supplemented protein formula and low-protein fruits and vegetables. That's it.

With the medical food they are given imitation breads, dairy products, meats, peanut butter, eggs, flour, prepared meals, pastas, etc. Things that other people take for granted.

Without the medical food, it is extremely difficult to stick to the restrictive diet because of the need for sustenance in ANY diet. Also, the medical foods include other nutritional supplements necessary for maintaining good health.

The reason we need financial assistance for the medical food is because it is so outrageously expensive; just one small box of pasta cost almost $12, 2 lbs of baking mix is almost $16, one serving of dry soup mix is another $12., No one can afford eating well-rounded meals consistently at these prices. (for more info on medical food prices check out our main supplier, Cambrooke Foods,  online.) 

Because this is a very rare disease, we are a small group of people with very little support. We need your help, and others. Please share this with your friends and family.

Thank you so much. 

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