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Iowa Legislature: Give Visitation Rights to Parents in Fact

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I have two beautiful daughters they are both 10. One of them however is not my biological daughter, but I have raised her since she was 10 months old. If I leave my relationship I can never have any contact with the daughter that I have raised. I have all of her teachers from K-4th that would say I am her mother and many many more people. I have went to every event, conference, kissed her good night and good morning, taken her to the doctor, I was the one who bottle broke and potty trained her. Yet our state will never recognize that the bond we share should be kept. I am not asking to have custody just visitation even just a few hours a week if that is all I can have. The fact that her dad can use her as leverage to keep me from leaving is sick and I cannot believe in the day and age Iowa is so far behind in the rights of a parent like me. I need help and so does my daughter. From what I have researched there is only FOUR states that will not recognize me as anything to her and allow for visitation and Iowa is one of them. I have prayed for help and nothing comes, I am writing you in hopes of making a change.

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