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Follow Iowa Code 257.8 (Education Funding Law) Set Supplemental State Aid now!

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Iowa state law requires the legislature to establish the next fiscal year’s Supplemental State Aid rate within 30 days of the Governor releasing his budget proposal. (Iowa Code 257.8)  For this year that puts the legally mandated deadline to set the aid rate for FY2015 as February 13th. The Senate passed 2 bills dealing with Supplemental State Aid (SF2077 and SF2079) on February 5th and immediately messaged them to the house. On February 6th both bills were assigned to the House Education Committee and to sub-committees on February 11th, but since that time, House Leadership has refused to bring either bill out of committee to be debated or voted on. In the meantime, Iowa’s school boards and administrators face an April 15th deadline to submit their budgets to the Iowa Department of Education. With no clear idea of what funding they may receive from the state, they have to lock in a budget and plan for future budgets that will be able to withstand whatever the legislature eventually decides. (Which could be a funding increase, a funding freeze, or even a funding cut.) This is not only unfair to our schools and our students, but illegal and unnecessary. UNIfy for Education calls on the Iowa House to follow the law.  Make education a true priority in Iowa and set the Supplemental State Aid rate now!

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