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Pass SF 2251 to Expand Iowa Child Care Assistance Eligibility Statewide

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SF 2251 allows for school and work requirements to be combined for child care assistance. The original bill also extended eligibility from 6 months to 12 months so that participants only have to reapply once a year.

Child Care Assistance is not welfare. Child Care Assistance is an effective tool to help get families off of public assistance, so it is a a program that saves taxpayer dollars in the long run. Increased access to child care assistance enables low-income parents to work and go to school so they can get a better job.

The original bill ensured assistance is not taken away within months of starting work, which can force families to leave their jobs because they cannot afford child care. Unfortunately, the bill was amended to remove this provision. The bill was also amended to be a trial program in only four counties to study the cost of expanding eligibility state wide. That leaves 46 counties without any benefit from this bill.

Please pass all provisions of SF 2251 statewide and give more parents the help they need to work and support their families. To not pass this bill statewide is to increase the number of families that must rely on Food Stamps, FIP and other public assistance programs. That makes the cost of not passing SF 2251 higher than the cost of passing it statewide.

The full bill text is available at:

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