Remove Iowa's Confederate monuments

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We ask that the State of Iowa immediately remove all Confederate monuments from public land.

The State of Iowa is currently marked by two public monuments honoring the slave holding Confederacy that existed to perpetuate the enslavement of Black people and create constitutional white supremacy.

One monument is in Bentonsport, commemorating the Iowa birth of Confederate general Lawrence Sullivan Ross of Texas.  Ross, gone from the state months after his birth, had no further ties to Iowa aside from fighting against Iowa's Union soldiers in the war.  His birth here was used as the thinnest excuse by the so-called "Sons of Confederate Veterans" to honor him, ridiculously, as "Iowa's Confederate General" and to erect in bronze, on public land, an image of the Confederate battle flag.  

The other Confederate monument in Iowa stands near Bloomfield and claims to commemorate the "northernmost incursion" of the Confederacy.  This claim is based on a raid during the war by a group of armed men out of Missouri who came across the border disguised as Union soldiers and proceeded to rob and murder Iowa farmers.  The Bloomfield monument honoring this event has the same bronze battle flag as the Bentonsport monument and, incredibly, flies a Confederate national flag over Iowa soil.   

The people who put up these monuments send a message to the rest of the world in the name of all Iowans.  It's the same message white supremacists have been sending since the end of the Civil War to threaten Black Americans and prevent them from moving to many areas of the country.  The demographics of Iowa today have been largely shaped by this type of disgusting behavior and it's long past time we put a stop to it.  

These monuments aren't looming and intrusive for most Iowans. But no one should stand on public ground in any state and face a monument that honors the Confederacy.  These monuments put us on the list of states that still harbor these things.  We, the undersigned, believe it imperative that Iowa show ourselves to be an inclusive state that stands against racism by taking down these monuments to white supremacy.