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Give leniency to Joseph Pham, victim of years of racial harassment

Vietnamese immigrant Joseph Pham and his daughter Kathie (10 years old) were subjected to years of racial harassment by their neighbors, Brian Wilson and Jamie Moses. Documented cases include, “Go back to your (expletive) country, you’re not wanted here.” Brian had said to Joseph. Jamie had shot out Kathie's bedroom window at 2am while she was asleep, driven his truck over Joseph's lawn, thrown feces at Kathie while she was outside playing with a friend, and fired a shotgun over Joseph's home.

Earlier this year, after having suffered such agonizing ordeals, with no help from local law enforcement after filing multiple harassment complaints, Joseph has had enough when Brian banged on his door and challenged him to come outside and fight him. That day, Joseph shot Brian three times and sent him to the hospital.

The cause for Joseph's action should be clear. He needed to protect his family from the never-ending provocation and saw no other way. Yes, there are other ways to resolve a conflict besides shooting someone, but the judge needs to consider what caused Joseph to do what he did, to determine his sentence accordingly.

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