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Children need their families!! My son Jaydon, 3 years old, was taken by court order on September 16th, 2011. It has been one long, stressful, and depressing year without my son. His family misses him dearly and DHS couldnt care less. We fought them from the beginning and still nothing positive from their end. Reasonable efforts have not been given, providing that no amount of time should mattter and giving up and saying "its too late" by the Department. They had wrongful intentions from the get go. The whole reasoning behind Jaydon getting taken from his father and I was because cops came to our residence on behalf of a Domestic Violence report. No charges were filed against myself or his father. His fathers grandmother had taken our son to her home while I left off to my mothers home. I wanted my son. What mother doesnt want their child with them?!! So DHS worker Chad Pleister from Waterloo went and got a court order for remoal based on allegations of drugs( LETS NOT FORGET TO MENTION THAT I WAS CLEAN IN A VOLUNTARY UA AND WAS ALSO JAYDONS FATHER AND JAYDONS HAIR STAT WAS CLEAN!!!) and of course the domestic violence between Jaydons father and I, but NO PROOF OR CHARGES WERE FILED! I am a great mother to my children and the only reason DHS WONT WIN IS BECAUSE MY CHILDREN ARE MY LIFE AND THEY TOOK MY SON ON ALLEGATIONS THAT PROVED TO BE UNTRUE BY UA/ HAIR STAT SAMPLES AND NO CRIMINAL CHARGES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!! WHERES THE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY HERE! Please sign my petition in favor of my son to come back home to his mommy! He is the one being punished for nothing! DHS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED BECAUSE THEY USE THEIR POWER FOR EVIL AND INJUSTICE BECAUSE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, BUT IF WE ALL STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT, THEN GOD WILL GRANT OUR MIRACLES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! THERES NO WORDS TO BEGIN TO THANK YOU FOR SIGNING MY PETITION! MY HEART IS STRENGTHENING WITH EVERY SIGNATURE!!

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