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Allow my 86 year old Grandfather to return to his home!

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Percy “Ike” McElroy, 86 years old, is being held in  Des Moines, Iowa, against his will since June 2012. The State of Iowa has made him a “ward of the state” while he was living with and being cared for by his daughter. The State became involved when allegations of Elderly Abuse/Financial Exploitation charges were brought against a couple his grandchildren (of his deceased son). Those charges were unfounded and his grandchildren were exonerated of all allegations. During the investigation, the State ordered my grandfather to remain in Des Moines, IA, until the investigation concluded. Meanwhile, the Iowa Department of Human Services/State of Iowa were under-handedly, making my grandfather a “ward of the state," deeming him incompetent, taking away his right to vote, as well, as his right to marry. His court appointed Attorney went along with the State and has assisted in this wrong-doing. This was all a collaborative effort and an attempt to take possession of his home, property and assets to their gain. Truly,the State of Iowa, in this case, are the real predators. This is a flagrant violation of my grandfather's human rights.  The State of Iowa must be stopped and they need to relinquish custody of my grandfather.


Since September 2012, my grandfather has been living independently in a senior retirement community that his daughter chose for him. My grandfather pays his own rent (which includes his meals) by way of his own personal resources, his retirement pension, without any assistance from the State. But, still they deem him incompetent.

My grandfather’s adamant wishes are to return to his home in Fort Dodge, Iowa, where he resided for almost 50 years. He is well-known, respected and loved in that community. The state of Iowa has appointed a conservator (of their choice) and is trying to sell his property and all of his possessions. They refuse to allow him to go home without just cause. My grandfather has worked very hard for many years to pay for his home and personal possessions.

Please join my family by signing my petition.  Support my grandfather’s last wishes to be in his home until his death. We demand the State of Iowa relinquish their hold over my grandfather's life.


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