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The Iowa City Community School District is undergoing dramatic changes to implement the controversial Diversity Policy. Parents and community members have expressed various concerns toward this policy. With the support of former board members of the school district and teachers, we launch this petition and hope that it can serve as a united platform for everyone that, despite for different reasons, support the rescission of the Diversity Policy.

For background information about this petition, please go to this website. We also created a sister site, on the same petition, for the convenience of those who happen to already have an account there.  You only need to sign up at one of the two sites.

Letter to
Iowa City Community School District Board Members Iowa City Community School District Board
In face of all the adverse and negative responses to the proposed enrollment changes presented to the public, it is apparent that the administrators of the Iowa City Community School District have been given an impossible task in implementing the Diversity Policy. The current school board should not continue the efforts to balance the FRL (Free and Reduced Lunch) numbers in our schools. Instead, the Diversity Policy should be rescinded, and additional resources and strategies should be applied to those schools in need.

Compelling Reasons to Rescind the Diversity Policy

• The Policy is expensive to execute; only by bussing and boundary changes can the goals be partially achieved. In addition, bussing is a disruptive mechanism to all neighborhoods and families.

• There is no guarantee that these changes will achieve the intended result.

• Relationships between parents, students and schools will suffer- especially for families living in poverty. Transportation will become an issue for conferences, school-wide events, etc.

• The Policy creates an impractical disruption to neighborhood based attendance areas.

• The Diversity Policy is an unachievable goal; affordable housing changes create a moving target with ever changing populations.

We respectfully request that the Iowa CIty Community School District’s Board of Directors rescind the Diversity Policy.

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