Shut down Outfit7 and ban their apps

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As we all know Outfit is the creator of the infamous Talking Friends Characters. They're nothing but pain so consider this the time for outfit7 to step down permanently!!

Let's face it: Outfit7 apps are a complete bust! Take Talking Angela for example: the chatbot asks inappropriate questions and attempts to gather personal information about you which is completely unacceptable! Not to mention that stupid chatbot can't even hold a real conversation! If you try to talk about something, she deliberately change the subject before even get a chance to speak! Also if you ask a certain question or make a certain statement she won't know what you mean cuz this stupid robot is completely underdeveloped and she talks about things that are boring and repetitive that you hear about 7 trillion times! And when you ask her to stop talking about something does she do it? No! She just keeps going on and on regardless! Talking Angela's also known to say way-out-of-line things when she's upset: ie, "I hope you go imto the woods  and tbe bobcats get you!" And then there's two extremely stupid Talking Tom apps, one of which has extremely inappropriate ads on it: like sometimes on the original  Talking Tom app, they advertise inappropriate shit like Viagra! And this is supposed to be a kids app! Furthermore when they advertise their apps they have really stupid pictures! And the other apps outfit 7 made and sold are no better! Conclusion Outfit7 sucks and ALL their apps are complete bullshit! They are a failing business, they're apps are a total 

flop, and it is time for them to go!  So I ask that Apple will remove all Outfit7's apps from the app store on all iOS devices, while Samsung removes all of their apps on Google play from Sansung phones. As for Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau, I would ask that they ban all their apps from their country and bar them from working there!




Are you as upset with the apps as I am?



Think about it!  Think about your children!  



These apps are

no good for them, nor are they any good for you as parents !



Come on! Sign this petition! Let's get rid of Outfit 7 together and take their apps off the shelves of Google Play and Apple iOS App Store!