Justice for Mohamud Mohammed Hussan

Justice for Mohamud Mohammed Hussan

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IOPC (Independent Office For Police Conduct)

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Started by Lucy Stayt

"On Friday 8th January, healthy 24 year old Mohamud Mohammed Hassan was arrested during a violent arrest at his address on Newport Road and taken to Cardiff Bay police station. 

Mohamud was released from Cardiff Bay Police Station around noon Saturday 10th January without being charged. He was so severely injured he took a taxi home. Seeing a close friend when he arrived outside his house, he told him "Look fam the police have beat the shit out of me."

Mohamud slept for a few hours, and when a friend attempted to wake him later Saturday evening, he was unresponsive. His friend called an ambulance, and a first responder arrived. Mohamud's was moved with the assistance of his friend and was laid on the kitchen floor while the paramedic administered CPR. 

Two ambulance paramedics then arrived and declared him dead. Ten police cars attended the residence. The family attended his home but was refused entry or sight of the body by Cardiff police after their son had died. 

Nearly two days on from his death on Mon 11th Jan, South Wales Police were yet to send a family liaison officer to his family. It is unclear when South Wales Police referred this case to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. A large demonstration took place on 12th January with hundreds of attendees calling for justice for Mohamud.

This year marks a decade since the collapse of the UK's biggest police-corruption trial into South Wales' police handling of the Cardiff 3. In 2021, you are 6.8x more likely to be stopped and searched by Cardiff police if you are Black, and you are 6.5x more likely to go to prison if you are Black in Wales.

We, the undersigned, call for Alun Michael, the Police Crime Commissioner for South Wales, and South Wales Police to release the bodycam footage from the arrest and other CCTV footage at Cardiff Bay Police Station from Mohamud Mohammed Hassan's time in custody in the best interests of transparency of Cardiff Police. "


30,895 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!