Make the new Castle Rushen an eco friendly one!

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In years to come, Castle Rushen school will be completely remodelled and modernised to fit a new generation of children. So far, the board has been given 2 different types of school; a regular school, that is cheaper to build but more expensive in the long run, or an eco friendly and sustainable school that will be marginally more expensive in the short term, but will save lots of money once it’s up and running. Not only that, but the eco friendly school would be saving the planet, and surely an example of what the Isle of Man is capable of doing (seeing as we’re a biosphere). We believe that the parents and students alike should get a say in to where their children, families, friends or themselves, will be studying when they begin attending the new school. 

The IOMSCN believe it’s time for a change in how the island is running it’s government buildings. We want an eco friendly, sustainable school that will become a comfortable and safe for students to be educated in.