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IOC President Jacques Rogge: Please help to STOP the killings of stray cats and dogs in Sochi

Because it is simply not right!

Letter to
IOC President Jacques Rogge
IOC Press Office
Dear Mr. Rogge,
with deep concern and very shocked I heard that the Government of Sochi Russia, is planning to kill at least 2000 stray cats and dogs in preparation for the Olympic Wintergames in 2014. The vast amount of animal protection groups and animal lovers are bitterly reminded of the massacre that was performed by the Ukranian Government in preparation for the last European Football Championship where tenthousands of stray cats and dogs were poisened, hanged, beaten to death, burnt alive etc. even AFTER volunteers neutered them. It can not be allowed again in preparation for another sports event that is supposed to bring nations together and where fairness plays an important role. Sergej Kriwonossow, the Representative of the government of Sochi says that killing those animals is the fastest and easiest way. He is right, it is. But it is also the most inhumane and unjust way to solve a manmade problem. These animals are innocent, sentient beings who weren´t granted the gift of having a shelter, food, love and care. How can this planet get better, when we consider some beings valuable and worth living while on the other hand we kill those who are unwanted? It is a matter of respect, a matter of compassion and an ethical obligation to consider live, no matter what bodily form it may have, equal and protect it especially if they are innocent. The only solution to this problem is to educate the public and spay and neuter those animals, protect them and make them available for adoption. To kill them has to be condemned. Mr. Rogge, as the President of the IOC I ask you to contact the responsible persons who can make decisions in this matter and use your influence and make a statement. There are plenty of animal organisations and volunteers who like to help those animals and find a humane solution. The only thing needed is to take those helping hands. Please do your best to support this cause because the world is watching. Thank you.

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