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IOC: NO Dolphins and Orcas for Sochi Winter Olympics 2014!

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Dear Thomas Bach,

The Olympic Charter states:

“The IOC’s role with respect to the environment is: to encourage and support a responsible concern for environmental issues, to promote sustainable development in sport and to require that the Olympic Games are held accordingly.”
Chapter 1, Rule 2, Paragraph 13 of the 2011
Olympic Charter.

Brutally captured wild dolphins are transfered from Japan to Sochi with its only purpose of maximizing profit for the Winter Olympics 2014! One of these captured dolphins should even "carry" the olympic fire as a part of the opening ceremony, which is doubtless an act of animal abuse!

Also 2 young wild Orcas have recently been stolen from their natural environment and their family pod, and sent to Sochi Dolphinarium purely for the purpose of maximizing profits during the 2014 Winter Olympics. This capture from the sea is a DIRECT consequence of the 2014 SOCHI WINTER OLYMPICS and therefore breaks many rules of the Olympics Environment Mandates.


We call upon Thomas Bach & the complete IOC to ensure that the planned opening ceremony with a dolphin "carrying" the olympic fire will be immediately stopped and the 2 Orcas are URGENTLY returned and released back into the Sea of Okhotsk to be reunited with their family.


It is the IOC's DUTY to uphold the Olympic Charter rules & the ensure that Olympic Host cities COMPLY with the United Nation's Agenda 21 document.


There is still time to change!






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