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Add Womens Roller Derby to the upcoming Olympics

It is the world's fastest growing sport and it is an economic driver for cities that host games. If the IOC wants to have games that sell tickets, they should include Roller Derby as the new sport. It makes good economic sense.

Letter to
IOC- International Olympic Committee
Dear Members of the IOC,
We would like to see Womens Roller Derby added to the upcoming Olympics for the following reasons. It is a sport that is based upon all of the good qualities of sportsmanship.
Games are won by points; however, the victories are shared by both teams for a game well played. Good roller derby players take health and body management very seriously and work tremendously hard to gain additional skills, just like in any other sport. It is the fastest growing sport in the world and it generates millions of dollars for: manufacturers, hotel and service industries, and it also creates job opportunities. If the IOC is seeking a sport that will generate spectator interest and generate money by selling tickets, roller derby is that sport.