Keep the 50km race walk in the Olympics

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A huge thank you to absolutely everyone of you for your help and support in getting our voices heard. This is an issue that effects more than just race walk. The kind of back door, under the table dealings that have allowed this to make it to the table without any athlete knowledge should be a worry to anyone in athletics, and is a far cry from the transparency and athlete engagement the new leadership promised us. Please help us expand our voice by going out and sharing this far and wide with as many people as possible through Facebook, Twitter, email, text message, carrier pigeon. For the loudest voice possible we are aiming for #50kFor50km (50,000 signatures) and sharing this cause within your circles would go a long way in helping us get there. Thank you again to all the athletes, fans, coaches, leaders, and everyone who understands the value we as athletes have in creating positive change through sport. Your support means the world to us.

Chris Erickson
5 years ago